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Kathy's List
Bozeman, Anderson, Brack, Sellers, Doty, McClain, Moon, Sellers, Stephens, Hill, Goodson, Flinn, Carter, Family Connections...
Peter Bozeman had 3 daughters in 1810, Lucy married Sterling Campbell, one might have married Vincent Joiner, or Howell Mason or Edmund Lewis, but Vincent Joiner is the only one signing the Estate petition by the widow Sarah. Then we see a David Campbell as Justice of the Peace on later documents and a John Hill signed affidavit for Nancy Jane Anderson Bozeman to get her husband's Civil War Pension.
Sarah and Peter's son Jesse may have been an attorney and filed many court documents as the family members passed away.  He handled his father's estate sale and many familiar names made purchases.  In 1838 he sold his parent's land, land which I cannot find a deed for, but it was divided among the heirs which did not include Sarah's son Meady because he might have died before they made the journey to Alabama or soon after.  Meady's children were raised by Vincent Joiner and Ellen.
Jesse named a daughter Ellen.
Am led to believe that Peter had a brother named Jesse who also served with him in the American Revolution, thus naming his own son Jesse M. Bozeman in 1793.  Peter's brother John went to Mississippi while their younger brother James remained in Darlington to raise his family.
Peter also named a son Peter E Bozeman who married Gilly.   Peter's other son was William Henry Bozeman who married Martha Hill in Darlington.
Jesse Bozeman handled the estates for both widows Gilly and Martha.
Many of these died young, perhaps due to the flu epidemic or other diseases that wreaked havoc upon our nation.
There are many documents to confirm the Bozeman Trail into Alabama.
This creates new trails of new family members and other relations into the Carter and McClain families of my lineage, which include Fenn, Fann, Stone, Hendrick, Wells, Lyles, Cochran, Coonfield, Crigler, Little, Miller, Henderson, Long, Sturgeon, Parker, Sweet, Tefft, and then the Brooks lineage of Thornton, Partridge, Hood, Baxter, Baxley, Smith, Connelly, Craig, Dickson, Bond and Ballard.
Thus I end up with 16,000 in my family tree and a maize of webpages in my collection.
  • Greetings
  • Tribal Pages
  • USgenweb
  • Headstones
  • Scrimpshire girls married Nathan Sellers and Chief Bushyhead
  • Carter Fenn Coonfield Stephens and Civil War
  • Sellers and Brack
  • Cooper and Thornton
  • Frank
  • Census Page South Carolina
  • Grandpa Anderson (30 KB)
    and Lavinia Sellers
  • Archives (105 KB)
    S C Records = B
  • Grandpa Jacob (10 KB)
  • Grandpa Anderson (19 KB)
    and Lavinia Sellers
  • Old Records (88 KB)
    Wills and Land Deeds
  • Research (1 KB)
    Family History
  • Grandma Clora (72 KB)
  • Grandpa Jonas (3 KB)
    and Betsy Douglass
  • Census (108 KB)
    Vincent Joiner to Peter H. who became Captain in the Mississippi Infantry
  • Census Research (95 KB)
    Peter 1830-1840-1850
  • Sellers - Anderson (120 KB)
  • Grandpa Abraham (2 KB)
  • Old Records (1 KB)
    Family History Research
  • Joiner (1 KB)
    Ellenor and Vincent
  • Sellers Many Descendants (127 KB)
  • Grandpa Peter (16 KB)
    Shelby County
  • Grandpa Charlie (6 KB)
    With his parents, wife and daughter
  • Wagon Tracks (1 KB)
    Ancestral Trail
  • Schrimpshire/ Scrimshire (17 KB)
  • Grandpa Josiah (70 KB)
  • Grandpa Joseph (4 KB)
  • Southern Gen Web (1 KB)
    Further research into this family
  • Grandpa John (16 KB)
  • Grandpa Partridge (54 KB)
    and Thornton
  • Brack (14 KB)
  • Grandpa Abner (56 KB)
  • Grandpa Cooper (1 KB)
    and Lee
  • Brack (14 KB)
    Lavinia Brack Anderson
  • Grandpa Hereferd (50 KB)
  • Grandpa Cooper (107 KB)
    and Lee in 1840
  • Anderson (10 KB)
  • Grandpa Isaac (294 KB)
  • Sellers (15 KB)
  • Grandpa Isaac (195 KB)
    Perry County History
  • Annie's Clan (55 KB)
    Taken about 1968
  • 1840 (371 KB)
    Sellers in Pike County
  • Grandpa Jacob (121 KB)
    Civil War Registration
  • Annie's Clan (46 KB)
    Taken about 1965
  • Lavinia Sellers - 1880 (528 KB)
    Mysterious error on census, Lavinia Jane Sellers Anderson mistakenly listed as Bozeman, but note that she is the mother in law - she is Corrintha Anderson Barfoot's mother. Lavinia was the wife of Seaborn Anderson and also the mother of Nancy Bozeman in the next household. Lavinia's parents were Levinia Anderson and William Calvin Sellers - all the Andersons being of the same family of Elisha and the Sellers all being from 1700s North Carolina.
  • Grandpa Charles and Zachariah (12 KB)
    Georgia Records 1700s
  • Annie's Clan (54 KB)
    Taken about 1953
  • Sellers (40 KB)
  • Grandpa George (105 KB)
    Davies Kentucky
  • Grandparents of Frank (34 KB)
    his father shown on left side
  • 1850 (610 KB)
    Vincent Joiner and Ellen
  • Parents of Frank (212 KB)
    shown on left side
  • 1830 (76 KB)
    Grandpa Elisha Anderson in Montgomery Alabama by his son in law Alfred Sellers and by Jesse and by Captain Benjamin Lewis
  • Grandpa in WWI (130 KB)
    Military Registration
  • 1840 (576 KB)
    W H
  • Grandpa Ben in Civil War (40 KB)
    Military Registration
  • 1850 (616 KB)
    J B
  • Laura's Inquiry (563 KB)
    Owensboro Kentucky
  • 1830 (299 KB)
    W H
  • Grandpa John (122 KB)
    Land Deed
  • 1820 (531 KB)
    Sellers in Brunswick NC
    • Sarah (143 KB)
      Sarah Elizabeth Carter - Cooper with her children including Susie Mae
    • Carter , John Wise (35 KB)
      1821 Land Record
    • Gilly Bozeman (114 KB)
      Wife Of Peter born 1807
    • Thomas Randolph Carter (46 KB)
      With first wife Lacy Jane Bozeman.
    • Thornton, George (56 KB)
      1839 Land Record
    • James E Brooks Jr and Mary Ella Thornton (6 KB)
      Her parents were Bessie Mae Hood and Milton Elijah Thornton. Bessie's parents were Ella Olivia Baxley and L W Hood. Milton's parents were Mary Angeline Partridge and George Thornton.
    • Partridge, George (51 KB)
      1858 Land Record
    • Baxley James H (483 KB)
      Certificate of Confederate Service
    • Yours truly (368 KB)
    • Baxley James H (64 KB)
      Certificate of Confederate Service1
    • 1888 James H. Baxley (56 KB)
      Land Record - Homestead
    • Baxley James H (351 KB)
      Certificate of Confederate Service2
    • 1930 census of Brooks and Cooper (1512 KB)
      Both their widowed mothers live in this household which includes James E Brooks Jr who later married Mary Ella Thornton and had Charlie in 1953.
    • Baxley James H (618 KB)
      Certificate of Confederate Service3
    • 1930 census Milton Elijah Thornton (446 KB)
      Bessie Mae Hood his wife with children include Mary Ella Thornton who married James E Brooks Jr
    • Baxley James H (398 KB)
      Certificate of Confederate Service4-Judge Smith
    • 1840 John Wise Carter (360 KB)
      Talladega Alabama census, father of Thomas Randolph Carter and the grandfather of Sarah Elizabeth Carter Cooper - great grandfather of Mamaw
    • Baxley James H (796 KB)
      Certificate of Confederate Service-Pension Application
    • 1914 (72 KB)
      John Edward Brooks with Annie Clark Ballard, parents of James Edgar Brooks, of Tennessee. James married Susie Mae " Mamaw" Cooper and had James Edgar Brooks, Jr. - Jr married Mary Ella Thornton.
    • Baxley James H (451 KB)
      Certificate of Confederate Service-Pension Application 2
      My Genealogy
    • Ramsey to Herriford and Carter (29 KB)
      Mary Josephine Hereferd's mother was Jemima Ramsey of Virginia.
    • Brooks Family (89 KB)
      So many other names in our genealogy, so many other locations to research.
    • Thornton - Partridge (54 KB)
      Research on Mary Ella Thornton - Brooks' ancestors on her father's side.
    • Brooks Family Tree (79 KB)
      A nice view of our ancestors and their children.
    • Westbrook (161 KB)
      Beverly's inlaws
    • Baxley, Grandmother Ella Olivia (11 KB)
      A visit to the Cain's Chapel cemetery to locate the tombstones of Ella and her husband L W Hood plus her parents buried down the road in Coosa River Cemetery in "Holtville" were James H Baxley and Louisa Miranda Holt. These were ancestors of Mary Ella Brooks, as Ella Olivia was the mother of Bessie Mae Hood - Thornton.
    • Carter in South Carolina (99 KB)
      father of Thomas was John Wise Carter and his dad was Captain John Carter of the American Revolution who married Elizabeth Wise, the daughter of Am Rev Soldier John Wise.
    • Mary Ella Thornton, wife of James Edgar Brooks Jr (258 KB)
      Her father was Milton Elijah Thornton and her mother was Bessie Mae Hood. This focus on the Thorntons as they migrated out of Georgia into Elmore County Alabama. Milton's mother was Mary Angeline Partridge.
    • Hood - Thornton - Brooks - Smith (29 KB)
      Tracking family from North Carolina to Alabama through Tennesssee
    • Hans Brooks of Holland 1800 (25 KB)
      John Brooks born 1837 to a father from Holland and a mother from France is what is found on the 1860 census when young John is a boarder in a home in Giles County Tennessee, where he met and married Roxanna Smith. Roxanna had a son named John who married Annie Clark Ballard and Annie then named a son James Edgar Brooks.
    • Brooks Genealogy Memo (5 KB)
      My research and a few extra notes
    • Brooks - followup (5 KB)
      John Brooks born 1837 to a father from Holland and a mother from France is what is found on the 1860 census when young John is a boarder in a home in Giles County Tennessee, where he met and married Roxanna Smith. Roxanna had a son named John who married Annie Clark Ballard and Annie then named a son James Edgar Brooks. Annie's father was James Cal Ballard. Roxanna's father was Thomas Smith and her mother was Caroline Bond...............James Edgar Brooks married Susie Mae Cooper, the daughter of Sarah Elizabeth Carter and Levi Benjamin Cooper........Susie named her son James Edgar Brooks Jr. in 1927.
    • Stokes Cemetery on Bozeman Land- Hope Hull (39 KB)
      Jesse Bozeman's daughter Lacy is buried here near her husband Thomas Randolph Carter, a Civil War Soldier, and the grandson of Am Rev Soldier, Captain John Carter... Jesse's father was Peter Bozeman a soldier in the American Revolution. Lacy and some of the children died in an epidemic. Jesse and his wife's tombstones have been separated by a large tree and the stones are broken. The top of Thomas' monument has fallen to the side but Lacy's monument stands tall. The Carters and Bozemans once owned large plantations here. Peter Bozemans grave was not found ( yet ) In fact Jesse's brother William Henry Bozeman was Kathy's ggg grandfather and his grave is not found ( yet )
    • Ballard, James Cal of Tennessee (80 KB)
      Father of Annie Clark Ballard Brooks was married to Eudora Craig in Tennessee. Parents of James Ballard were Rowena Densy Baxter and Larken Francis Ballard born about 1830 in Tennessee long before the Trail of Tears began.
    • Brooks and Smith of Tennessee (150 KB)
      Another family researcher has a beautiful webpage to share.
    • Bond, John Baptist (80 KB)
      Father of Caroline Bond Smith was married to Catherine Stone - Caroline Bond married probably 3 times in Tennessee but her first husband Thomas Smith was the father of Roxanna Smith - Brooks. Notes on this page include Henry Smith, father of Thomas and then the Ballards of North Carolina - Larken Ballard's mother was Kizziah Dickens.
    • Tombstones (2 KB)
      Baxley, Holt, Hood, Thornton in Elmore County
    • Pictures and Letters (55 KB)
      James Brooks letter of WWI, pictures and letters
    • Lee and Cooper in 1840 Chambers County AL (107 KB)
      Elijah Lee born 1777 married Malinda Phillips and their daughter Sarah F. Lee married Charner P Cooper in Chambers County. Charner's parents were "Alsey" and Andrew Cooper of South Carolina. Charner's son was Levi Benjamin Cooper who ended up working in Hope Hull on a farm owned by Thomas Randolph Carter and married the man's daughter.
    • John and Roxanna Brooks families (155 KB)
    • Carter, Thomas Randolph (47 KB)
      Hope Hull visit to find the tombstone of the grandfather of Susie Mae Cooper Brooks and he was the great grandfather of James Edgar Brooks Jr.
    • Tombstones (41 KB)
      Annie Ballard and James Brooks, Susie Cooper, Elijah Lee, several tombstones found in Alabama
    • Photos (4 KB)
      Scanned photos of people and their tombstones
    • Tombstones (1 KB)
      Annie Ballard and James Brooks, Susie Cooper, Elijah Lee, several tombstones found in Alabama
    • Baxter, Rowena Densy (20 KB)
      Grandmother of Annie Clark Ballard Brooks and great great grandmother of Charlie
    • Kathy Brooks Kin (38 KB)
      Cochran and Carter, Bozeman and McClain notes
    • Thomas Randolph Carter born 1820 SC (6 KB)
      Civil War Records............father of Sarah Elizabeth Carter Cooper ..........grandfather of Susie Mae Cooper Brooks.
    • 1786 Marriages (66 KB)
      Peter Bozeman and Sarah Brown were the parents of Jesse and William Henry Bozeman, plus another son named Peter E. Bozeman who married Gilly
    • Partridge, Mary Angeline (4 KB)
      Parents of Angeline were Mildred Smith and George Partridge of Georgia. Her husband was George Thornton of Georgia and his parents were Nancy Katherine Culpepper and Charles Thornton. Nancy's mother was Martha Blackstone born 1814 Georgia, long before the Trail of Tears.
    • File (4 KB)
    • Miscellaneous (22 KB)
      Research Notes
    • Joe Stephens -Civil War (4 KB)
      Joe and Sarah Mills Stephens of Montgomery had a daughter Alice who married John T Bozeman but she died soon after giving birth to their 4th child.
    • Cooper and Lee (49 KB)
      Chambers County Records
    • Colonial Records (3 KB)
      Saving a few documents relating to my ancestors.
    • Herriford of Virginia (50 KB)
      Mary Josephine Hereferd was the second wife of Thomas Randolph Carter and their daughter was Sarah Elizabeth Carter - Cooper ( mother of Mamaw ). When Thomas died, Mary had him buried by his first wife Lacy Bozeman and their children.
    • Cooper in Civil War (86 KB)
      Father of Levi Cooper
    • Anderson in Civil War (30 KB)
      Father of Nancy
    • Carter in Civil War (9 KB)
      T. R. Carter father of Sarah
    • Alabama Lines (7 KB)
      Joseph Baxley, Andrew Cooper, Elijah Lee, Peter Bozeman, Thomas Carter, John Hill, Michael Stone, John Fenn,
    • Chart of my Ancestors (15 KB)
      My Elders
    • Gideon Moon of Virginia (23 KB)
      His daughter married Charles McClain
    • Frankie Cochran's Kansas families (32 KB)
      His father served in WWI, his brother died in Korea, his grandfather served in the Civil War and some served in the American Revolution. Frankie was one eighth Cherokee blood.
    • Kentucky Records (53 KB)
      George Little living near his grown up children and their families, and in laws, and Isaac Coonfield near Clark and Cline
    • Weatherford Notes (134 KB)
      Researching my Catherine G. Weatherford of Charlotte, VA a daughter of Charles, who married John Wright in 1811....her descendants named Georgia, have some similiarity with some on this list......
    • James McClain 1810 (74 KB)
      buried at Indian Creek Cemetery
    • Colonial Documents (55 KB)
      Tracing my ancestors through time
    • 1810 census shows Patsey Weatherford (136 KB)
      she has children in the home and could be Catherine's mother - she could also have been a wife of the famous Charles Weatherford; nearby is a younger Charles Weatherford who might have been her son.....Patsey Weatherford is one to be researched.
    • Intro (610 KB)
      My Family
    • Many Grandfathers in my line (14 KB)
      Cochran, Henderson, Long, Clendenning, Sturgeon of Pennsylvania into Ohio - "Stuff" on my southern grandfathers
    • 1811 marriage record of Catherine Weatherford (52 KB)
      Virginia Documents state that her father was Charles Weatherford - scroll down to #76 where Benoni Smith was her surety to marriage - was her father in Alabama with his other family?
    • Links (27 KB)
      My Family Study Sheet
    • Many Grandfathers in my line (75 KB)
      Cochran, Henderson, Long, Clendenning, Sturgeon of Pennsylvania into Ohio ; Coonfield and Young, Epperson, into Indiana and Arkansas, Roby and Crigler of Kentucky with Simmons and Wells
    • Coonfield Lineage (13 KB)
      Finding Isaac Coonfield in Kentucky 1800 so was he born about 1760 or 1770
    • My DAR Ancestors (189 KB)
      Several of my grandfathers served in the American Revolution and have been acknowledged by the DAR and Peter Bozeman was just recognized in Jan 2008
    • List of Who's Who (56 KB)
      Basic Outline
    • Tefft and King Phillip (14 KB)
      Our Tefft Cousins in History
    • Crigler of Kentucky (204 KB)
      Abraham Crigler and Lydia had Owen. Owen then named a son Abraham who married Catherine Roby and had Mary Catherine Crigler who later married John Little.
    • The Family Tree on the Web (8 KB)
      Rootsweb GED
    • John Sweet (104 KB)
      into Rhode Island and Mass.
    • Hiram Little born 1821 Kentucky (158 KB)
      The son of Jonas married Catherine Wright ( daughter of Catherine Weatherford) and named a son John Wright Little in 1843. John is later found living with Abraham Crigler because his mother died and Hiram moved to Texas and remarried.
    • Annie Fenn and Alice Carter (71 KB)
      Tracing their families from Virginia to Alabama
    • Iowa Cochran Families (9 KB)
      Jacob Cochran left Ohio for Iowa Territory
    • Reason Roby born Kentucky 1790 (205 KB)
      Abraham Crigler's wife was Mary Catherine Roby, the daughter of Reason and Catherine Simmons Roby. Reason was the son of Lawrence Roby and a lady named "Catherine" who is shown widowed living by Reason in 1820.
    • Grandpa McClain (39 KB)
      Charles married Elizabeth Moon about 1750 in Virginia and moved to Spartanburg SC. His son Josiah married Nancy Wood and had James. James married a woman only known as Anna and they are buried at Indian Creek Cemetery in Georgia. Anna's son Josiah Marion McClain had a family in GA, left for the Civil War and never returned. He had a second family in Alabama and one son named Charles born 1886.
    • Jacob Benjamin Cochran (88 KB)
      Joined the California Gold Rush, served in the Civil War and was married twice
    • Simmons, Catherine's father Jesse born 1753 (254 KB)
      Parents of Catherine Simmons were Jesse and Rachel Wells Simmons from Maryland into Kentucky. Rachels's father was Jacob Wells. Parents of Jesse were Elizabeth Swearengin and Johnathon Simmons of Maryland.
    • Miller of Virginia from Ireland (76 KB)
      Parker of New York Indian Country, Sweet and Tefft of Rhode Island 1600
  • Thomas R Carter/Lacy Bozeman (double click link)
  • Frankie Cochran's lineage
  • Family History Links
  • George Little
  • My Kentucky Kin
  • My Grandpa Bozeman
  • Bozeman Families
  • Louisa Holt Baxley
  • Several of my research documents
  • Search South Carolina Archives
  • John Fenn
  • Search Georgia Records
  • Search Land Records on Rootsweb
  • Baxley Hood Thornton and Carter
  • My Colonial Documents and Land Records
  • Search Civil War Records
  • Montgomery County Alabama Bozeman Family
  • Baxley Family
  • Grandpa Stone (90 KB)
    Augustus was the father of Anna Stone Fenn Carter
  • Anne Carter 's Grandpa's Death Certificate (458 KB)
    Montgomery Alabama 1922 death certificate of William Franklin Fenn born 1855 in Tuskegee, Macon County Alabama, former Creek Indian Nation to Emeline Harrell and John Fenn of Georgia - John had served in the Civil War and moved his family to Alabama in the 1860s.
  • Grandma Stone (88 KB)
    Augustus was the father of Anna Stone Fenn Carter and his wife was Mary Ann Hendrick of Georgia
  • Anne Carter 's Uncle Frank Fenn (18 KB)
    Her daddy's brother born 1895 resided in Coosada, had a farm on Airport Road, a family cemetery and the Church Cemetery he donated, and later his land became Coosada Elementary School. Frank served in WWI and worked for the railroad and he was the father of Bob Fenn, the principal of Robinson Springs School around 1987. Frank's tombstone is next to his brother Robert's in their family graveplot. Robert never appeared on a census record but was known as Uncle Lee.
  • Annie (440 KB)
    Annie Carter was named after her grandmother Anna Lou Stone. Annie was Kathy's mother. Annie had open heart surgery in 1980 just weeks before Beverly was born but managed to walk into that hospital to hold her first grand daughter.
  • Susie Mae Cooper 's grandfather (35 KB)
    Mary Josephine Herriferd married T R Carter and had Sarah Elizabeth Carter. This picture of Thomas shows his first wife Lacy Bozeman and their family before the epidemic. When Thomas died, Mary had him buried near Lacy
  • Anne Carter and Frank Cochran (54 KB)
    1953 by the cactus in Arizona
  • Grandpa Charles McClain (1888 KB)
    Death Certificate - his daughter Alice married Cecil Earl Fenn Carter, the son of Anna Stone. Charlie raised the children of Alice and Cecil when they died by 1939. Charlie was the son of Elizabeth Broadway and Josiah Marion McClain. Census records show the date of birth of Charlie was 1886 and all other records seem to differ because his wife was not very educated.
  • James Brooks' mother (72 KB)
    Annie Clark Ballard of Tennessee married John E Brooks and had one son named James.
  • Frank Cochran (212 KB)
    Family photo about 1937 with Frank on the left
  • William Marion McClain (1713 KB)
    Charlie's cousin by his father's first marriage. They all connect to Josiah Marion McClain born 1838
  • Mary Angeline Partridge Thornton (300 KB)
    Mother of Milton Elijah Thornton in Elmore County Alabama and the granny of Mary Ella Thornton Brooks.
  • Cemetery at Hope Hull (1 KB)
    Thomas R Carter buried near Lacy Jane Bozeman's monument but the top of his has fallen. He served in the Civil War and owned a plantation in Hope Hull. He buried her parents here in this cemetery. Cemetery located off I-65 Hope Hull Exit on the McLean Road in huge pasture on the right.
  • Frank Cochran and Son Frank Jr and son (30 KB)
    Family in Montgomery about 1993
  • Charles McClain's wife Lorena Bozeman (11 KB)
    Not sure who posted her as his mother on his death certificate. Lorena was the daughter of Alice Lorena Stephens and John Thomas Bozeman of the Dublin/ Ramer area in Montgomery County and she had indian blood.
  • Minnie Lee Gibson (83 KB)
    Daughter of Ethel Mae Bozeman's daughter Ruby Gibson - Minnie's daughter contacted me and sent the picture; please do write again.
  • Cemetery at Hope Hull (21 KB)
    Thomas R Carter buried near Lacy Jane Bozeman's monument but the top of his has fallen. He served in the Civil War and owned a plantation in Hope Hull. He buried her parents here in this cemetery. Cemetery located off I-65 Hope Hull Exit on the McLean Road in huge pasture on the right.
  • Frank Cochran's father as a child with Jacob (108 KB)
    Family in Kansas
  • Lorena's sister Ethel Mae Bozeman (91 KB)
    with husband Jace Gibson who was also first cousin to Charlie McClain because their own mothers were sisters ( Broadway ) Ruby on horse - Ruby was mother of Elizabeth who we met in Dublin at the Hills Chapel Church
  • Sam Little (984 KB)
    Uncle Sam was the son of John Wright Little and a brother to Lattie
  • Tombstone of Jesse Bozeman, father of Lacy (264 KB)
    states he was born 1793 and a tree separates him from one of his wive's graves. He came from Darlington South Carolina with his father Peter who had served in the American Revolution and their many families to settle in Hope Hull in 1826. Jesse bought 160 acres in 1827 while his father wrote letters found at the Probate Office where he expected free land for his military service. Peter died in 1829 and is buried closeby one would expect - his grave is not yet found.
  • Frank Cochran's mother Luella (119 KB)
    Luella was the daughter of Lattie Little and Ben Coonfield born in Arkansas
  • Clopton Gibson (184 KB)
    Ethel's father in law came from South Carolina
  • John T. Bozeman (3 KB)
    Son of Peter and Nancy, married Alice Stephens, having Ethel Mae and Lorena Emma Bozeman, this photo may have been taken around 1890. John is buried at Hills Chapel Cemetery in front of the church at Dublin beside his brother Peter James, who died of suicide.
  • Tombstone of Peter Edward Bozeman (1350 KB)
    Son of Martha Hill and William Henry Bozeman of Darlington SC who also settled in Hope Hull.....William was born about 1802 a son of Peter and brother of Jesse. Wm's son Peter Edward was married to Nancy Jane Anderson and he served in the Civil War and she got his pension - papers at Probate Office - Nancy had son named John Thomas Bozeman who married Alice Lorena Stephens. This tombstone is found in Dublin behind the Hills Chapel Church while his son John is buried in front of the church.
  • Frank Cochran's mother Luella's MOM Lattie (63 KB)
    Luella was the daughter of Lattie Little and Ben Coonfield born in Arkansas. This picture of Lattie shows her indian features quite nicely. Lattie Cedonia Little was born in Kentucky to Catherine Crigler and John Wright Little, who had served in the Civil War.
  • 1920 Anna Lou Stone Fenn Carter Dasher in Macon GA (133 KB)
    Apparently she is now widowed and taking care of her mother - Cecil was in Fort Bliss in the Army.
  • Home (105 KB)
  • James H Baxley (871 KB)
    Tombstone - Civil War Soldier - married Louisa Holt and had Ella Olivia Baxley who married L W Hood and had Bessie Mae Hood
  • Frank Cochran's great grandmother Crigler (323 KB)
    Luella was the daughter of Lattie Little and Ben Coonfield born in Arkansas. Lattie Cedonia Little was born in Kentucky to Catherine Crigler and John Wright Little, who had served in the Civil War. This picture of Lattie as a small child with her sister Sadonia and their mother Catherine Crigler of Kentucky. Catherine was the daughter of Catherine Roby and Abraham Crigler who were of Mixed Blood.
  • Home (131 KB)
  • Tombstone Ella Olivia Baxley Hood (94 KB)
    Mother of Bessie Mae - Ella was daughter of James Baxley in Holtville, Elmore County, Alabama
  • Frank Cochran's great grandfather John W. Little (479 KB)
    John Wright Little military description, dark complexion, black eyes, black hair, served in the Civil War, made guns, was a blacksmith, born in Kentucky 1843 to Catherine Wright and Hiram L. Little. John's family refused Indian Land Allotment. Catherine Wright Little was the daughter of Catherine Weatherford and John Wright of Charlotte VA as they married there in 1811.
  • Home (45 KB)
  • Tombstone L. W. Hood (58 KB)
    Cains Chapel Cemetery at Slapout - father of Bessie Mae Hood Thornton.
  • Tombstone Bessie Mae Hood Thornton (34 KB)
    Cains Chapel Cemetery at Slapout - mother of Mary Ella Thornton Brooks
  • 1830 Alabama Creek Nation (38 KB)
    The Indian Territory that our ancestors traveled through in 1830
  • 1870 Uncle William Stone (384 KB)
    Tallapoosa County Alabama
  • Alice Lorena Stephens Bozeman (78 KB)
    Dublin burial, mother of Lorena McClain
  • Frank Cochran's great grandfather John W. Little (26 KB)
    John Wright Little military description, dark complexion, black eyes, black hair, served in the Civil War, made guns, was a blacksmith, born in Kentucky 1843 to Catherine Wright and Hiram L. Little. John's family refused Indian Land Allotment. Catherine Wright Little was the daughter of Catherine Weatherford and John Wright of Charlotte VA as they married there in 1811. This picture of John as he got older and grey.
  • 1930 James Brooks (1512 KB)
    Montgomery Alabama - wife Susie Mae Cooper
  • John W. Little's cousin Lucius Powhatan Little (40 KB)
    John Wright Little's mother had a sister Martha who married Douglas Little, a brother of Hiram. Martha named her son Powhatan in honor of their indian blood. Powhatan was a writer, lawyer and a judge in Owensboro Kentucky History books.
  • Beverly at Coosa River (816 KB)
    Surveying the Cemetery where the Baxleys are buried
  • Anne Carter Cochran (18 KB)
    Married to Frank Cochran, she had Kathy in Broken Arrow Oklahoma and then they moved to Mesa Arizona where her sons were born
  • Lucius Powhatan Little's Mother (33 KB)
    John Wright Little's mother had a sister Martha who married Douglas Little, a brother of Hiram. Martha named her son Powhatan in honor of their indian blood. Powhatan was a writer, lawyer and a judge in Owensboro Kentucky History books. This picture of Martha Wright is all we have of that lineage, lovely lady with indian features died of euthanasia according to old records of LP and his daughter Laura.
  • Holt - Baxley (794 KB)
    Louisa Miranda Holt born 1847 was granny to "Bubber" Bessie Mae Hood Thornton and great great granny of Charles W. Brooks
  • Anne Carter Cochran (59 KB)
    Birth Announcement from Montgomery Advertiser
  • John Wright Little Family Photo (39 KB)
    About 1900 he moved them all to Marble, Arkansas after his wife died and appeared on the 1900 and 1910 census
  • Cemetery Survey (213 KB)
    Beverly photographs tombstones of her great great grandparents tombstones, Mary Angeline Partridge and George Thornton, the parent of Milton Elijah Thornton near Santuck, in Central at the Mount Hebron Primitive Baptist Church.
  • Anne Carter Cochran's Daddy was Cherokee (25 KB)
    Cecil Earl Fenn Carter born 1900
  • Kathy Cochran wed Charles W. Brooks (33 KB)
    Photo taken about 1995 before he got sick with colon cancer. Charles was the son of Mary Ella Thornton and James Edgar Brooks Jr
  • Clora Jane Miller (102 KB)
    Frank Cochran's granny was married to Jacob Cochran and named a son Frank Delbert Cochran. When Jacob died the widow made her rounds, spending a few months with each of her grown children's families. She smoked a pipe, read the ashes and taught them to pop corn. her ancestors of Ireland had settled in Rockinham Virginia where we find Rev. Alexander Miller of the 1700s buried at Cooks Creek Cemetery. Clora's mother was Mary Clara Parker of Ohio, who some say made medicine with the indians, born to Sara Tefft and Archelaus Parker of the New York Indian County. Tefft has a wonderful 1600s history in Rhode Island, where one of the Uncles was hanged by King Phillip.
  • Anne Carter Cochran's Mother was mixed blood (19 KB)
    Alice Emily McClain Carter, daughter of Lorena Bozeman and Charles Allen McClain
  • Charles W. Brooks' parents (6 KB)
    Charles was the son of Mary Ella Thornton and James Edgar Brooks Jr - Parents of Mary Ella were Bessie Mae Hood and Milton Elijah Thornton. Parents of James were Susie Mae Cooper and James E. Brooks.
  • Nancy Jane Anderson Bozeman tombstone (29 KB)
    Widow of Peter Edward Bozeman, is buried by two of her sons in this family plot, not far from the Brooks and Coopers and Fenns who are also buried at Greenwood Cemetery in Montgomery Alabama.
  • Anne Carter and Frank Cochran (60 KB)
    Montgomery Alabama about 1950
  • Susie Mae Cooper's dad (50 KB)
    Levi Cooper married Sarah Elizabeth Carter and had Susie Mae. Levi's father Charner Cooper had served in the Civil War and married Sarah Lee of Chambers County Alabama.
  • Walton McClain (35 KB)
    with Charlie McClain on the farm in Ramer about 1930 - Walton joined the military for most of his life and earned his PHD. buried at Alexandria VA
  • Anne Carter 's Daddy's Death Certificate (230 KB)
    Montgomery Alabama 1939 death certificate confirms his parents to be Ann Stone and Wm Frank Fenn as witnessed by his brother Emmett Marvin Fenn
  • Susie Mae Cooper (40 KB)
    Levi Cooper married Sarah Elizabeth Carter and had Susie Mae. Levi's father Charner Cooper had served in the Civil War and married Sarah Lee of Chambers County Alabama. This picture of Susie Mae with her spouse James E. Brooks.
  • Frank Delbert Cochran (50 KB)
    Son of Clora Jane Miller and Jacob Benjamin Cochran served in WWI while Jacob was a Civil War soldier of the Ohio Infantry.
  • Susie Mae Cooper with her mother Sarah (68 KB)
    Levi Cooper married Sarah Elizabeth Carter and had Susie Mae. Sarah was the daughter of Mary Josephine Hereford of Virginia and Thomas Randolph Carter of SC who had settled in Hope Hull.
  • Uncle Cecil Earl Carter born 1932 (33 KB)
    Son of Alice McClain and Cecil Earl Fenn Carter was the father of Victoria Carter, all buried at Memorial Cemetery except Vickie who was cremated by her half sisters.
  • Susie Mae Cooper 's granny (58 KB)
    Mary Josephine Herriferd married T R Carter and had Sarah Elizabeth Carter.
  • Uncle William Lawrence Carter born 1935 (25 KB)
    Son of Alice McClain and Cecil Earl Fenn Carter he was the brother of Anne and Cecil Jr. Alice died giving birth to "Billy". Billy spent most of his life in Indian Territory Oklahoma.
  • Anne Carter and Frank Cochran in Arizona 1957 (447 KB)
    Pictures taken by Billy Carter, Anne's brother, accompanied by Lillian, Billy's first wife.
    • Peter Edward Bozeman (16 KB)
      grandfather of Lorena Emma Bozeman McClain and he was the great great great grandfather of Kathy.
    • Family Tree (8 KB)
      Charlie Brooks family on
    • Letter by Ethel Bozeman Gibson (9 KB)
      Her life as told to her children
    • Peter Edward Bozeman (1 KB)
      Beverly took me to Dublin to locate these tombstones - grandfather of Lorena Emma Bozeman McClain and he was the great great great grandfather of Kathy.
    • 1910 Charles McClain (6 KB)
      Kathy's great grandfather on census with his mother, stepfather, his own wife Lorena and baby
    • Baxley to Charles Brooks (11 KB)
      Coosa River Cemetery
    • Peter Edward Bozeman's Uncle Jesse - Hope Hull (47 KB)
      Beverly took me to Hope Hull to locate these tombstones - plus we found the grave of T R Carter, a great great grandfather to Charlie Brooks. Carter's daughter Sarah married Levi Cooper, the son of Charner Cooper.
    • 1920 Charles McClain (61 KB)
      Kathy's great grandfather on census in World War I
    • Anderson, Seaborn Montgomery, father of Nancy (16 KB)
      Nancy Jane Anderson married Peter Edward Bozeman in Dublin and they had John Thomas Bozeman who fathered Lorena.
    • John Wise Carter's land records (51 KB)
      Father of Thomas Randolph Carter came from South Carolina to Alabama.
    • Alabama Research (28 KB)
      So many ended up in Alabama
    • Mordecai Bozeman, father of Peter, John, James. (5 KB)
      Mordecai served in the American Revolution with sons Peter and John. Peter moved to Alabama about 1826 while John moved to Mississippi in 1823. James remained in Darlington County SC.
    • T R Carter (9 KB)
      Born 1820 served in Civil War, married Jesse's daughter Lacy Bozeman who died in an epidemic then married to Mary Josephine Hereford of Virginia, and had Sarah Elizabeth Carter
    • 1 Introduction (286 KB)
    • Civil War Kin (32 KB)
      Several relatives in the war
    • Baxley, James H. buried at Coosa River (11 KB)
      Charlie's mom's great grandfather
    • Kathy's mom's great great great grandpa Bozeman (5 KB)
      Mordecai Bozeman served in the American Revolution = father of Peter Bozeman who migrated to Hope Hull who also served along with him in the War - they were paid for their services and received land grants in Darlington County South Carolina.
    • Much about my relatives (45 KB)
      Kathy's parents and their relations
    • Kathy's mom's great great Grandpa Josiah McClain (70 KB)
      Josiah Marion McClain was born in Georgia to Anna and James McClain. Josiah married first to Julia King and had a family in Georgia, then he joined the Civil War in an Alabama Infantry and was with Elizabeth Broadway by 1870 having a son named Charles Allen McClain. Charles and his wife Lorena had a daughter named Alice McClain who married Cecil Carter.
    • Census images (26 KB)
      My kin found on census records in 1790, 1800, 1810 and other good stuff
    • Genealogy (22 KB)
    • Charner P Cooper (1 KB)
      grandfather of Susie Mae "Mamaw" Cooper Brooks - Charner served in the Civil War and married Sarah F Lee of Chambers County.
    • Brooks Family (610 KB)
      Our Relatives
    • Map (44 KB)
      1779 Cheraws District South Carolina
    • Tombstone of George Little (152 KB)
      From Scotland to South Carolina's Continental Army
    • Civil War (40 KB)
      Benjamin Wylie Coonfield in the Indiana Infantry
    • Map (39 KB)
      1818 Cheraws, Darlington County, South Carolina
    • Map of Georgia (202 KB)
    • Georgia Rangers (74 KB)
      Charles Weatherford
    • Map (275 KB)
      1779 North Carolina includes the Peedee River running into South Carolina from Bladen County
    • Map of Georgia (377 KB)
    • Civil War (306 KB)
      Baxley Pension Request
    • Map (263 KB)
      1780 North Carolina, excellent view of the counties and state boundaries
    • Map (189 KB)
      Indian Villages of Alabama
    • Civil War (20 KB)
      Discharge paper of J W Little
    • Map (233 KB)
      1781 map of the south before Alabama and includes the many indian tribal locations
    • Map (255 KB)
      1747 Georgia and the Carolinas
    • Civil War (135 KB)
      Partridge in the Georgia Militia
    • Map (259 KB)
      1814 Mississippi Territory
    • Map (134 KB)
      1820 Alabama
    • Tennessee (7 KB)
      John Dickens
    • Map (336 KB)
      1839 Map of Southern States with Counties
    • Map (141 KB)
      1830 Alabama
    • Charles Brooks (28 KB)
      1972 in his parent's swing
    • Map (559 KB)
      Map of Native Tribal Lands
    • Map (218 KB)
      Forts of Alabama
    • Frank and Anne (54 KB)
    • Weatherford (178 KB)
      Martin Weatherford of VA in GA history, father of Charles
    • Map (36 KB)
      Land Offices in Alabama
    • Frank and Anne's daughter (47 KB)
      from Broken Arrow
    • Civil War (121 KB)
      Jacob Cochran in the Ohio Infantry
    • Frank and Anne (23 KB)



    Elijah Lee and Andrew Cooper of South Carolina born 1770s brought their families to Chambers County Alabama, former Creek Indian Lands, before 1840.  It has been said that Elijah paid an indian directly for his land.  Elijah had married Malinda Phillips of Green County Georgia and some believe the Phillips were of indian blood.  Andrew Cooper may have also married an indian woman named Alsey and her last name had never been discovered.  On the 1840 census Alsey appears to be widowed with children. 1840 shows Elijah Lee living near a John Phillips. The Alabama Land Records show that Elijah bought land in 1823 so it was long before the Trail of Tears. ( note ) ( MORE0

    The Lees are buried at the Old Harmony Baptist Church cemetery and the graves of the Coopers are not yet found. Aunt Sissy says that grandpa Levi Cooper is buried by his sons at a church cemetery in Cecil, Alabama.  They had resided in Whitehall according to Aunt Sissy.  She and her son Butch have been a great help!
    Descendant Susie Mae Cooper Brooks is buried at Greenwood Cemetery in Montgomery Alabama.  Her descendant Charlie Brooks is buried at Brookside Memorial in Millbrook, Alabama.
    Charner P Cooper, son of Andrew, married Sarah F Lee, daughter of Elijah, and their son Levi Benjamin Cooper married Sarah Elizabeth Carter, a daughter of Thomas Randolph Carter and Mary Josephine Hereford of Virginia. Mary had a beautiful complexion, black eyes and black hair. The grave of TRC born 1820 was found in Hope Hull, Montgomery, Alabama by his first wife, Lacy Jane Bozeman and I really appreciate my daughter driving us through that cow pasture to find that little cemetery hidden behind the pond, and it really deserves a historical marker.
    The Bozemans came from South Carolina and NC 1700s moving into Alabama as some of the Indian Tribes moved west in the early 1800s.  Lacy's father Jesse's headstone shows that he was born 1793.  Apparently Jesse had been married twice . Many legal documents exist in Montgomery County regarding the Bozeman families.

    Jesse Bozeman was the brother of William Henry Bozeman and administrator of his Estate.  Their father was Peter Bozeman of Darlington South Carolina who served in the American Revolution along with his own father, Mordecai Bozeman.  Peter and his wife Sarah, had moved their families into Alabama about 1820 and they are probably buried in Hope Hull, Montgomery County, Alabama. Several Bozemans were buying land in Alabama in the 1820s and 1830s.
    Just  imagine the many wagon trains flowing in..

    William Henry named his sons, Meady, Peter Edward, and John Thomas Bozeman.  John's descendant, Jimmy Ray has assisted with this research.  Meady's descendant Wayne and his wife Sue Carol have also assisted.  Wayne and Jimmy have had many years of genealogy work before me and were so kind and proud to share with a new cousin.
    *Thomas Carter was the son of  John Wise Carter who some say was buried in Talladega Alabama.  John was born 1792 South Carolina, the son of Elizabeth Wise and Captain John Carter who may have served in the War of 1812 and the American Revolution. John bought land in Alabama in 1821.
    Susie Mae Cooper's husband was James Edgar Brooks Sr and their son was James Jr.  The parents of James came from Tennessee with the railroad and they resided downtown Montgomery Alabama near the Union Station.  They were Annie Clark Ballard and John Brooks, all buried at Greenwood.  John's father was also named John, born in Pennsylvania to Dutch parents.  He was found in the 1860 census of Giles TN, the same year he met and married Roxanna Permilia Smith.note  Our cousin Clarence and his mother Sissy have assisted with this research and contributed to the Montgomery Cemetery research with his survey of Carter-Stokes cemetery in Hope Hull, which should be appropriately named Carter and Bozeman Cemetery.
    The Smith families connect to a Captain John Smith of Virginia.
    The Ballards were previously in the Carolinas, as were the Bond, and Ward families.
    James Edgar Brooks Jr married Mary Ella Thornton and had a son named Charles in Montgomery Alabama.   He also worked a while with the railroad while living on Hull Street near my grandpa Fenn but the Brooks soon moved to Millbrook and had a huge garden and seven boys and one daughter.  Mr Brooks became an exterminator for a few years before he joined the John Deere dealership.  They are buried in Prattville by their son Johnny. *letter*
    Mary Ella's parents were Bessie Mae Hood and Milton Elijah Thornton and they are buried in Slapout/ Holtville,  in Elmore County AL at the Cain's Chapel Cemetery near many other family members.
    Elijah's parents came from Georgia,  Mary Angeline Partridge and George Thornton; we found their graves behind an old primitive Baptist Church in Central, Elmore, AL on the way to the Lake.Mary Ella's sister, Lorraine said that Mary Angeline was an indian and my daughter took me to the Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery in Central to locate those headstones.
    Bessie's parents were Ella Olivia Baxley and Allen Wesley Hood but his headstone has an L W on it.  His parents are hard to trace and prove.  Hers were James and Marnda Baxley of Cold Spring, Elmore, AL and thus begins the brick wall in our research.
    Charles Brooks married Kathy Cochran, daughter of Anne Carter and Frankie Cochran.
    *Anne Carter was the daughter of Alice Emma McClain and Cecil Earl Fenn Carter.
    Frankie Cochran was born in Kansas a son of Luella Coonfield of Arkansas and Frank Delbert Cochran.
    Alice McClain's parents were Lorena Emma Bozeman and Charles Allen McClain of Ramer, Montgomery County, Alabama.  The parents of Charles were Elizabeth Broadway and Josiah Marion McClain ( Civil War Soldier of GA).  Josiah's ancestors were Elizabeth Moon and Charles McClain of Virginia 1700s.  Josiah's father James was found in Alabama on the 1860 census and had possibly married an indian named Anna.  The Broadways came out of South Carolina and Elizabeth's father Abner had married Mary Susan Stephens of Alabama.

    Lorena's parents were Alice Stephens and John Thomas Bozeman.  Alice Stephen's great great grandfather John Stephens had married a full blood Cherokee in North Carolina and began a journey to Alabama where many of his grandchildren settled in Ramer.

    Parents of John Bozeman were Nancy Jane Anderson and Peter Edward Bozeman. Peter was the son of William Henry Bozeman.  Our Bozeman family says that Peter Edward is buried behind the Hills Chapel Church in the woods where there was once a cemetery many years ago.

    Nancy's parents were Lavinia Jane Sellers and Seaborn Anderson. Lavinia's sister married a Cooper.  Seaborn Anderson's ancestors and his father Elijah had settled in Lowndes County before moving to Montgomery, Alabama.  Elijah's parents were Lavinia Brack and Elisha Anderson who's Will is located at the Montgomery County Archives. This line connects to the Mayflower's Edward Lavinia Brack's mother was Hester Doty, a daughter of Benajah Doty and Elizabeth Farr.
    Cecil's parents were Anne Lou Stone and William Frank Fenn of Bullock County Alabama. Tracing back to Michael Stone of Maryland and William Stone of Virginia. Some of the Fanns were Indian Traders into Georgia before settling in Alabama.
    Luella Coonfield's parents were married in Arkansas, Lattie Cedonia Little of KY and Benjamin Wallace Coonfield of ARK
    Frank Delbert's parents were Clora Jane Miller of Iowa and Jacob Benjamin Cochran of Ohio who settled in Kansas.  Jacob had six daughters by his first wife, Mariah, who would also be related. 1880 census shows he had  a grandson named Frank by one of those girls.   MORE ...alagenweb  Lorena   List    FTM
    The Cochran and Coonfield lineage of the midwest.  Alexander Cochran raised his family in Pennsylvania and soon settled into Ohio, possibly Quakers, with several sons joining the Civil War and even living in California during the Gold Rush.  Later these young men moved to Iowa to farm the new land, and after several years, Jacob Benjamin Cochran moved to Kansas with second wife Clora Jane Miller, a daughter of Mary Clara Parker.  Family lore is that Mary shared medicine with the indians and research shows that her ancestors were in the 1600s and 1700s New York Indian Country as well as Mass  and Rhode Island, with one cousin, Joshua Tefft was killed by King Phillip.  One Mr Sweete was banned from England as a Catholic Priest and lived in exile in France.

    As far as documenting the Cochran lineage, I have none beyond Jacob to prove the names of his parents or grandparents.  Locating a census record or a will or more would help  to prove this lineage.  Perhaps Jacob told his children about his parents but reading the census records, I can safely say there were dozens of Williams, Alexanders, and Jacob Cochrans in Pennsylvania and Ohio and even those who migrated to Iowa Territory. Apparently William Cochran married Martha Henderson in Ohio and had Jacob.

    Fortunately for many other lineages, those before us have done a lot of research that I can go back and verify for myself leaving reason to believe most of what I can see.

    Isaac and Barsheba Clark Coonfield spent many years in early Kentucky and then moved to Indiana with their grown children. She was found widowed on the 1830 census. Her son Isaac Benjamin Coonfield moved his family to Arkansas. This family is mentioned in the book of the Early History of Morgan County Indiana.  Benjamin Wallace Coonfield married Lattie Cedonia Little and they had Amy, Ruth and Luella Coonfield.  Amy married Joe Gray and I had corresponded with their daughter Verna, who forwarded copies of her late sister's research ( Dorline Gray ) who was trying to connect this lineage to Chief Powhatan.

     Dorline had also been corresponding with our cousin Martha in Arizona, who also shared a great amount of research with me regarding L P Little.  L P Little had a great way of leaving a trail of his elders by giving each child a middle name of one of his ancestors and I am honoring him and his work by writing about him on the Kentucky webpage.

    Arkansas land records indicate that Isaac Coonfield bought land in 1856.

    Hiram Lucius Little, son of Betsy Douglas and Jonas Little, had lost his wife, Catherine Wright, in Kentucky and moved to Texas.  His son John Little served in the Civil War as a blacksmith, married, had several children, lost his wife and then moved his family into Arkansas.  Our grandma Betsy was found widowed and living with her daughter Betsy Roberts on the 1850 census.

    Hiram Little married Rebecca Isabella Adams in Bosque County Texas and had more children including a Hiram jr.  Most are buried at the Meridian Cemetery. Hiram's headstone refers to him as a doctor and a mason.

    Apparently some of the brothers of grandpa Jonas had already removed to Texas by 1800 and our Hiram had joined them.  Our Texas migration needs further study.

    Betsy Douglass Little had another son named Douglass Little who married Martha Ann Wright, his sister in law. Martha named her first son, Powhatan and he was a lawyer, and a judge, who was a great writer and did a lot of research on his lineage;  as did his daughter, Laura Simmons Little.  They traced Mary Handley to parents Martha Mason and George Handley of Ireland, noting that Mary was born asea, on the trip over. Mary's brother was Captain John Handley.  Their notes also chart a Thomas Jones settling in the 1600s on James River in Bermuda Hundred, Henrico County, Virginia and wrote about a Polly Jones who may have been the wife or companion of Charles Weatherford.

    Mother of the Wright sisters was Catherine Weatherford, a daughter of Charles Weatherford in Charlotte VA.  Alabama land records indicate land sold to Charles in 1841 if this is his grandson by Red Eagle. So far records only indicate one Charles Weatherford born in this time period and it is quite possible that he had more than one wife than history would like for us to believe and if he was indian trader, he probably had many children that have not been noted.  History also indicates that the father of Red Eagle was from Scotland, and a his grandson on the creek indian mailing list says that Charles fathered many children with many women and then went back to Scotland but we may never know the facts.  Some family trees indicate that Charles was the son of Martin Weatherford and an indian woman called Mary in Charlotte Virginia who migrated to Georgia and I did find documentation in the Georgia Archives onlne that show Martin was a wealthy planter and it mentions nothing at all about Scotland.  Martin was a loyalist, very outspoken and the state of Ga banned him so he moved his family to the Bahamas and more documentation is found to prove that.

    Laura  Little joined the DAR and had a monument dedicated to her great grandfather, Captain George Little in Kentucky.  Laura's granddaughter, Martha, in Arizona has assisted with this research. Laura had studied the Weatherfords, Wrights and Chief Powhatan.  Laura had joined the American Genealogical First Families. leaving a fantastic paper trail for her descendants to follow.

    Parents of Betsy were Mary Handley and Alexander Douglass who were married in PA. MMary's brother Captain John Handley became a surveyor like Daniel Boone and on one trip to the new land in Kentucky, before 1800, his brother in law, Alexander Douglass went with him and never returned.  Alexander was murdered by indians on his way back home.  His wife took her girls and moved into a scottish settlement in South Carolina, where her daughter married Jonas little. Later the father of Jonas, George Little, married his son's mother in law.  Both had become widowed but they had no children together that we know of.

     Ironically there was an older Jonas Little in South Carolina, who's descendants moved southward and into Alabama and we can only suspect there may be some connection to George.  The 1790 census of Newberry, Union, South Carolina shows George with a housefull of children but it also shows others around his home named Jonas, Joseph, William and John who could also be his Scottish siblings.  Some of those came through Alabama and Texas but it is hard to configure.

    Hiram Little's son was John Wright Little who married a Mary Catherine Crigler. John lived with her family before the marriage, with her parents Catherine Roby and Abraham Crigler.  

    Abraham's parents were Lydia Carpenter and Owen Crigler.  Catherine's parents were Kitty Simmons and Reason Roby.  These families left Virginia to settle in the new land of Kentucky about 1800 among friendly indians who were also migrating westward.

    John and Mary were beautiful, dark complected, had black eyes and black hair and they had Cherokee blood.

    The Battle of Alamo lists a soldier named Hiram Little and there is a possible connection to our lineage as some of the decendants are found in Texas census records. and one receiving a land grant in Texas.

    Much of my research is being added to AND PAGE TWO

    Descendant of all of these was Frankie Lavern Cochran born 1927.and Kathy Cochran who was born in Broken Arrow, Tulsa, Oklahoma later moved to Montgomery Alabama after spendng a few years in Arizona.  Frankie had dark hair and blue eyes like his father and his younger pictures resemble his father, but as Frankie aged, he resembled his grandpa Coonfield very much.  Pictures of Catherine Crigler and then those of the Coonfield women show us they all had long dark hair in braids and dark eyes.  Luella Coonfield and her mother in law Clora Jane both smoked pipes.  The pipes are in the possession of cousin Stanley.

    Aunt Irma talked of granny Clora Jane Miller Cochran being a sweet old lady who stayed with them for a while when grandpa Jacob died.  Clora stayed with each of her children, taking turns, as she had no place to go.  She taught them about corn and how to pop it.  She mysteriously read the ashes of her pipe.  Aunt Irma was the child born with a veil over her face.  The doctor removed the veil twice as it seemed to grow back and on the third veil, her mother Luella took it and placed it in the Bible where it still exists to this day.

      Frankie's sisters have assisted with this research.  There are many documents, pictures, census records, letters marriage licenses, death certificates, land records, wills, and our other research  
    Annie Carter as a baby being held by her Uncle Walton McClain shows us how very dark the McClain boys were just like their father with black eyes and black hair so it is
    quite possible that the McClain lineage was of indian blood. Annie 's school picture shows that she had long straight black hair and black eyes, even though she had it curled up in this photo of her in 1953 pregnant with Kathy in Tulsa OK.

    Looking at Annie's grandmother, Lorena Bozeman's lineage, I wondered repeatedly about her father's name, John Thomas Bozeman, and how it may have originated.  His great  grandfather Peter married a widow, Sarah Brown and she named her first son Meade so that may have been her maiden name; then a son was named William Henry and that could have been her father's name;  so looking back at the 1790 census of South Carolina, I do find a William Meade and a Thomas Meade  so this may be another clue in our mystery of names.  We know that William Henry Bozeman might have been the first to name a son John Thomas Bozeman and wonder where the name Thomas came into play.

    Digging through  mom's letters and cards, I found an article from the newspaper of 1956 that listed Lorena McClain having surgery at Maxwell AFB hospital and later found that grandpa McClain had served in WWI.  The article also listed Anne Cochran and family were relocating to Mesa Arizona and it listed her cousin James Duncan was going to San Antonio.  These were found in Anne's old blue diaper bag that she used in Mesa AZ and brought back with her to Montgomery Alabama.

    Arizana is a small memory in my mind.  We had a lot of burritos and enchildas that mom cooked, took pictures in the desert and grand canyon, went swimming in the Verde River, Coonsbluff,  and drove thru well lighted mountain tunnels.  Most of our friends and neighbors were indian or mexican and we spoke a little spanish that I have long since forgotten.  My cousin Frankie Haraughty was a daily playmate since his mom Eunice Cochran lived nearby. We played with, horned toads , strange bugs and creatures of the land and watched the daily irrigation of the fields when our front ditches filled with water every afternoon at 4. Frankie's brother Frances was called Chigger by my dad.  Chigger was the one making home movies of us  back then.

    One of Lorena Bozeman 's distant cousins married a Jordan which is a line leading directly to Pocahontas and some of the Jordans settled in Elmore County.  Lorena's uncle Peter Bozeman married a Dillard and that line also connects to Pocahontas.

    Cousin Elizabeth helped with the Bozeman lineage as her grandmother Ethel was the sister of my great granny Lorena. Ruby Gibson told me that Charles McClain and Jason Gibson were cousins and we connected their mothers as Broadway children of Abner Broadway and I verified through census records. One of the Gibsons had marched in Governor Wallace's inaugural parade.  Ruby also told me that my grandfather Cecil Carter was still in the military when he married my granny Alice McClain but I have not been able to verify.

    We do not know if there were any suvivors benefits for Cecil's children as Lorena Bozeman McClain raised them but do know the McClains left Ramer and lived on Highland Avenue for a while.  Cecil's adoption records have not been found, but his children knew of his Fenn family and I have contacted some of the Fenn relatives.

    Cousin Martha Fenn had only a few blurred pictures of Cecils' siblings and told me where Uncle Frank and Uncle Robert were buried in Coosada, Elmore County, AL.

    Her brother, my cousin Bob Fenn, talked about his family on the farm there is Coosada.

    I found another cousin, Nancy Fenn, in Montgomery, who connects to the Mathew Fenn who owned the plantation in Eufaula.

    Our great grandfather William Frank Fenn had married Anna Lou Stone and his great grandfather Michael Stone came to Alabama from Maryland.  There is a Banister Stone in my McClain / Moon family of South Carolina but I have not made any connection;  then my husband's lineage in Tennessee has a Catherine Stone of the Carolinas who married John Baptist Bond.

    Michael Stone had married Polly Wells in Putnam, Georgia and they are found on a census living in a Captain John Stone's District.  Their son Benjamin  Wilburne Stone married Sarah Davies and had Augustus Marvin Stone.  Augustus married Mary Ann Hendrick, a daughter of Mary Ann Winters and John Hendrick.  The 1850 census of Macon County Alabama shows us Michael living next to son William and son Benjamin with their children's names listed.

    Anna's brother was Arthur Augustus Stone and his son was William Arthur Stone, known as Tige to the St Louis Cardinals of 1923.

    The obituary of grandpa Cecil lists a Walter Stone as a pallbearer.  His death certificate is signed by his brother Emmett Fenn.  Cecil is buried at Memorial Cemetery in Montgomery and Emmett is buried at Greenwood by their father.  Their father's brother Madison is buried by them without a headstone.  Madison was known as Uncle Mat.  Uncle Mat had married  and moved to Texas and never had any children, but came back to Montgomery after his wife died.  Mat's brother Thomas had
    also gone to Texas.

    After taking pictures of their headstones at Greenwood, getting close to the exit I discovered the Bozeman family plot, with Nancy Jane Anderson Bozeman buried by her sons Robert and Meady and their families.

    My husband's great grandparents Annie Clark Ballard and John Brooks of Tennessee are also buried at Greenwood by Susie Mae Cooper brooks.   I would love to learn more about those TN families who had migrated from the Carolinas, during a time of indian removal . Indian Wars also caused many friendly indians to move westward..Annie Ballard was a beautiful dark featured lady who only had one child. Mary Josephine Hereford was from Virginina and her family all moved into Alabama and she wa also another beautiful dark featured lady.
    After the Revolutionary War, the U.S. Government established laws to survey and sell land gained from Britain. The area that became Alabama was originally part of the Mississippi Territory from 1798 to 1817. Many settlers arrived in the area before government lands had been surveyed. Unable to buy, they simply picked a location, built a cabin, cleared fields, and put in crops. Such families were called squatters. Land laws were passed to provide legal title to land for settlers who already lived on the land. Some settlers claimed land by British or Spanish land grants, and others were squatters who claimed land by right of pre-emption.

    Starting in 1804, U. S. Land Offices were established to sell land in the area which would become Alabama. By law federal land was sold to the highest bidders at public auctions. Alabama sales attracted men from all over the nation, many of them speculators. Groups of speculators bought large tracts, sometimes for as little as $10 an acre, then resold at $20 to $100 an acre. When an auction ended, poorer migrants could buy less desirable land for as little as $2 an acre. The smallest amount one person could buy was 160 acres. Under the Land Law of 1800 a purchaser could put one-fourth down and pay the rest off over three years. But when the price of cotton fell to eighteen cents a pound, few could meet payments on land bought at inflated prices. By 1820, Alabama owed the federal government $11 million--more than half of the national land debt. In 1820 and 1821 Congress passed new laws to deal with this problem. The Land Law of 1820 required future buyers to pay the entire amount in cash but lowered the minimums to $1.25 an acre and 80 acres. Those already in debt were aided by the Relief Act of 1821 which permitted them to keep part of their land and return the rest to the government or buy it all on the installment plan at reduced rates

    Introduction to the Settlement Unit:

    The defeat of the Creek Indians opened the heartland of Alabama to white settlement and caused Alabama fever to sweep the nation. Pioneers by the thousands left Tennessee, Georgia, the Carolinas, and Virginia seeking fertile land for growing cotton. Mississippi territorial law was in place, but when Mississippi became a state, Congress created the Alabama Territory in 1817. Congress designated St. Stephens as capital of the Alabama Territory and approved a legislature of Alabama delegates already elected to the old Mississippi territorial legislature. William Wyatt Bibb, a Georgia physician who had served in the United States Congress and had powerful friends in Washington, was named Territorial governor. He was also elected as the first governor when Alabama became a state December 14, 1819. He helped establish the government, pass laws and administer justice. The following documents deal with cost of government, land speculation, cotton, and law as settlers poured in the area during the early settlement of Alabama.
    At the start of the 19th century, Indians still held most of present-day Alabama. War broke out in 1813 between American settlers and a Creek faction known as the Red Sticks, who were determined to resist white encroachment. After General Andrew Jackson and his Tennessee militia crushed the Red Sticks in 1814 at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend in central Alabama, he forced the Creek to sign a treaty ceding some 40,000 sq mi (103,600 sq km) of land to the US, thereby opening about three-fourths of the present state to white settlement.

    From 1814 onward, pioneers, caught up by what was called "Alabama fever," poured out of the Carolinas, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, and Kentucky into what Andrew Jackson called "the best unsettled country in America." Wealthy migrants came in covered wagons, bringing their slaves, cattle, and hogs. But the great majority of pioneers were ambitious farmers who moved to the newly opened area in hopes of acquiring fertile land on which to grow cotton. Cotton's profitability had increased enormously with the invention of the cotton gin. In 1817, Alabama became a territory; on 2 August 1819, a state constitution was adopted; and on the following 14 December, Alabama was admitted to statehood. Alabama, then as now, was sparsely populated. In 1819, its residents comprised 1.3% of the US population. That percentage had grown to only 2% in 1980.

    During the antebellum era, 95% of white Alabamians lived and worked in rural areas, primarily as farmers. Although "Cotton was king" in 19th-century Alabama, farmers also grew corn, sorghum, oats, and vegetables, as well as razorback hogs and cattle. By 1860, 80% of Alabama farmers owned the land they tilled. Only about 33% of all white Alabamians were slaveowners. Whereas in 1820 there were 85,451 whites and 41,879 slaves, by 1860 the number of slaves had increased to 435,080, constituting 45% of the state population. Large planters (owners of 50 slaves or more) made up less than 1% of Alabama's white population in 1860. However, they owned 28% of the state's total wealth and occupied 25% of the seats in the legislature. Although the preponderance of the wealth and the population in Alabama was located in the north, the success of Black Belt plantation owners at forging coalitions with industrialists enabled planters to dominate state politics both before and after the Civil War. The planters led the secessionist movement, and most other farmers, fearing the consequences of an end to slavery, eventually followed suit. However, 2,500 white Alabamians served in the Union Army, and an estimated 8,000?10,000 others acted as Union scouts, deserted Confederate units, or hid from conscription agents.

    Alabama seceded from the Union in January 1861 and shortly thereafter joined the Confederate States of America. The Confederacy was organized in Alabama's senate chamber in Montgomery, and Jefferson Davis was inaugurated president on the steps of the capitol. Montgomery served as capital of the Confederacy until May, when the seat of government was moved to Richmond, VA.

    Remote from major theaters of war, Alabama experienced only occasional Union raids during the first three years of the conflict. In the summer of 1864, however, Confederate and Union ships fought a major naval engagement in Mobile Bay, which ended in surrender by the outnumbered southern forces. During the Confederacy's dying days in the spring of 1865, federal troops swept through Tuscaloosa, Selma, and Montgomery. Their major goal, Selma, one of the Confederacy's main industrial centers, was left almost as heavily devastated as Richmond or Atlanta. Estimates of the number of Alabamians killed in the Civil War range from 25,000 upward.

    During Reconstruction, Alabama was under military rule until it was readmitted to the Union in 1868. For the next six years, Republicans held most top political positions in the state. With the help of the Ku Klux Klan, Democrats regained political control of the state in November 1874.

    Cotton remained the foundation of the Alabama economy in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. However, with the abolition of slavery it was now raised by sharecroppers?white and black landless farmers who paid for the land they rented from planters with the cotton they harvested. Alabama also attempted to create a "New South" in which agriculture would be balanced by industry. In the 1880s and 1890s, at least 20 Alabama towns were touted as ironworking centers. Birmingham, founded in 1871, became the New South's leading industrial center. Its promoters invested in pig iron furnaces, coal mines, steel plants, and real estate. Small companies merged with bigger ones, which were taken over, in turn, by giant corporations. In 1907, Birmingham's Tennessee Coal, Iron, and Railroad Co. was purchased by the nation's largest steelmaker, US Steel.

    Another major Alabama enterprise was cotton milling. By 1900, 9,000 men, women, and children were employed in Alabama mills; most of these white workers were farm folk who had lost their land after the Civil War because of mounting debts and low cotton prices. Wages in mills were so low that entire families had to work hours as long as those they had endured as farmers.

    1.  Indian Territory until:
      2.  1798 - Mississippi Territory
      3.  1817 - became Alabama Territory
      4.  1819:  State of Alabama
      4.  1819:  State of Alabama.

    Around Thanksgiving of 2006 my daughter and I found the Bozeman graves at Hope Hull by following directions of Jimmy Ray Bozeman and later contacted cousin Wayne Bozeman in Santuck to read his copy of Sketches, then in May of 2007 we met Jimmy Ray in Dublin and another cousin Hazel Bozeman, daughter of Uncle Bob, plus the grandchildren of Ethel Mae Bozeman Gibson at Hills Chapel where John T Bozeman is buried;  We were led to the woods way behind the church to find the tombstone of John's father Peter Edward Bozeman.
    A few trips to cemeteries finding tombstones of relatives Charlie and I knew nothing about, I have saved several photos of those headstones on webpages and tried to write a little bit about those new discoveries.
    My mother didn't know much about her parents since she was orphaned at the age of 4 and raised by her mother's McClain parents.
    Once I had my family tree up and looking fabulous, I began on my late husband's family and found one of his cousins, Clarence Bearden, posting on the internet, doing the same thing with the Brooks lineage. I phoned Clarence and he sent me some research papers on John Brooks born 1837 and some pictures of Thomas Randolph Carter family.   Clarence's mother is my husband's Aunt Sissy, actually named Elizabeth Brooks and she had called my husband's daddy, Bubba.
    I never knew that before.
      I called Charlie's cousin, Sue Carol, about Mary Ella's lineage and found that her husband, Wayne Bozeman, was also my cousin, WOW !!  
    Sue Carol drove me and Beverly up to Central one day to see the tombstones of Mary Partridge and George Thornton, a couple of there great grandparents from Georgia, buried behind an old Primitive Baptist Church.
    Wayne and Sue Carol had dug deeply into his lineage and they were amazed with my Bozeman research.  They had been to the graves at Hope Hull, but so had Clarence Bearden and he had also published an article about his findings there on the Alabama Cemetery Preservation webpage.
    Beverly took me to Hope Hull and our findings were extremely fascinating and we took many pictures
    Then we went to Dublin to further our reearch and to Elmore County and I have many other pictures within.
    Beverly gave me a new computer for Christmas 2006 with a free subscription to and I have saved hundreds of old documents, and census images showing the tracks of our ancestors.
    Wayne loaned me his copy of a book written about the Bozemans and I have also scanned those pages into my research.
    I have posted my huge family tree on the internet to share at and there is another relative online researching the Brooks lineage of Tennessee and Alabama
    New relatives write to me all the time, I have dozens and dozens of emails from people asking for information, sharing their lineage, letting me know that we are related.
    I joined several genealogy mailing lists and message boards online and once tried to contact a Donna Burdette but her mother wrote back to me, being from the Bozeman line - Elizabeth is the granddaughter of Ethel Mae Bozeman, the sister of my great granny Lorena.
    Jimmy Ray Bozeman wrote to me and met me and Elizabeth at Dublin in May 2007, my daughter Beverly drove us there and we met a lot of Ethel Mae's family there and some elderly children of Uncle Bob Bozeman's family.  We explored the old family cemetery way behind Hills Chapel Church, out in the woods and found the grave of Peter Edward Bozeman and his daughter in law Alice Lorena Stephens Bozeman.
    Peter's son John had been married to Alice.  Alice was our great great granny, rich with Cherokee blood.
    I can see how she named my great granny Emma Lorena Bozeman but where did she get the name for Ethel Mae.  Aunt Ethel had written a story about her parents, published in the Montgomery Advertiser around 1970.
    I asked these people at Dublin if they knew anything about Lorena 's husband Charlie McClain and they said he was a good man, cross eyed, and never had a tombstone.
    December 2007 a new cousin, Glenda, sends an email.  Cousin to my mother in law, she is a wonderful new friend.  We are researching Ella Olivia Baxley Hood and her parents of Holtville.  Beverly takes me to Coosa River Primitive Baptist Church cemetery where we find several family graves, Louisa Miranda Holt and James Hardie Baxley, of the Civil War and down the road at Cains Chapel Cemetery we find the grave of Ella and her husband L W Hood and their children, including "Bubber"  Bessie Mae Hood Thornton ( the mother of Mary Ella Thornton Brooks ).
    My mother was an indian and my father had some indian blood so I am certainly interested in all native american history, finding a lot being uploaded to
    My Dad's sisters are near 90 and well Bernice is 92 and they sent me information and pictures of the old ones and copies of their own genealogy worksheets, which have been very helpful with my Cochran lineage.  My grandpa Cochran was married to a Coonfield which has much indian history coming out of 1800s Kentucky, Civil War and travels across the nation.
    Several of my ancestors served in the American Revolution and the Civil War and I find it amazing to cross their names in our nation's history.
    Many books are written including a portion of our family; Grandpa Coonfield being listed in the history of Morgan County Indiana;  Grandpa Little in the DAR books and Kentucky History;  Sketches of Bozeman published in 1885 mentions Peter Bozeman moving to Alabama;  Stephens Ancestors book at Ramer Library written by a cousin Clyde Stephens who wrote to me a few years ago and sent a package of papers to my home for my research;  Fenn families in Georgia history and in the Early Settlers of Barbour County Alabama.
    Jimmy Ray Bozeman's daughter is currently working to get our Peter Bozeman recognized at the DAR which will open doors for many many Alabama Bozeman researchers.  Peter's son William Henry Bozeman has a large lineage here.
    Peter's son Jesse is the one found buried at Hope Hull.
    Everything I find is printed to my notebook and also saved on a webpage,
    Kathy Cochran Brooks
    Dream Catcher background with lots of my links
    Brooks of Tennessee


    Having my family tree online has me now receiving lots of emails from new family researchers and cousins


    Mordecai Bozeman on the SC Roster with Peter, Paul, John and Ralph.
    • 1885 (386 KB)
    • 1885 (392 KB)
    • Isaac Coonfield death record (436 KB)
      Mortality List
    • 1885 (420 KB)
    • Death Certificate of Anne Carter (440 KB)
      wife of Frank Cochran. On that last night with her she told me to go home to my babies because a "lady in white" had visited her and told her that she was about to "go home"
    • 1885 (383 KB)
    • Tombstone of Alice Lorena Stephens Bozeman (78 KB)
      found in the woods behind Hills Chapel Church by Peter Edward Bozeman's tombstone on the old John Hill plantation. Alice was the wife of his son John Thomas Bozeman who was buried across the street in another cemetery. Stone reads " My Darling ALB "
    • Grandma Stone (88 KB)
      Informant is our great granny Annie L Dasher who later became Annie Carter, previously a Fenn in 1893.
    • 1885 (440 KB)
    • Anne Carter Cochran in Arizona (6 KB)
      They lived in Mesa near Aunt Eunice Cochran in 1953
    • Grandpa Augustus Marvin Stone (90 KB)
      Father of Anna Lou Stone Fenn Carter Dasher - grandfather to Cecil Earl Fenn Carter.
    • 1885 (314 KB)
    • George Little of Scotland in SC and KY (24 KB)
      S C Roster shows Frank Cochran's grandpa and probably the brothers of George Little.
    • Cecil Earl Fenn Carter (525 KB)
      Military Discharge shows dark ruddy complexion of this handsome Cherokee. There were three documents where he re-enlisted and served about twenty years at Fort Bliss in El Paso Texas. Cousin Ruby Gibson once told me that Cecil was still in the Army when he married Alice McClain.
    • 1920 Annie Stone (133 KB)
      Shown with Mother - apparently Annie married 3 times, Fenn, Carter, Dasher but no marriage record has been located.
    • 1885 (429 KB)
    • John Stephens (23 KB)
      S C Roster shows Anne Carter Cochran's grandpa - also grandpa to Lorena Bozeman
    • Catherine Crigler and her baby girls (53 KB)
      wife of John Wright Little
    • John Franklin Fenn 1862 (7 KB)
      Macon County - Civil War
    • 1885 (352 KB)
    • Wm Sellers (23 KB)
      S C Roster shows Anne Carter Cochran's grandpa - also grandpa to Lorena Bozeman - Some researchers say that Mr Sellers had married an indian woman in South Carolina before moving to Alabama.
    • Catherine Crigler 's son Sam Little (43 KB)
      son of John Wright Little
      One of my daddy's many grandfathers on Luella's side - her mother was Lattie Little.
    • Broadway (21 KB)
      S C Roster shows Anne Carter Cochran's grandpa - also grandpa to Charles McClain's mother
    • Hiram Lucius Little (94 KB)
      Father of John Wright Little married first to Catherine Wright and second to Rebecca Isabella Adams.
    • Peter Bozeman (173 KB)
      Jesse petitions the court to sell or divide the land that his father owned, dated 1838 - Peter died in 1829 after writing letters to the War Dept and Bounty Land Office because he knew that he was to receive that free land grant for his service in the American Revolution. Obviously he got the land in Hope Hull Alabama but I have not found any type of Land Deed until this item shows that Peter did in fact own land in Alabama. Now we need to go back and find the followup to this document to see when the land was sold and to whom.
    • Moon (22 KB)
      S C Roster shows Anne Carter Cochran's grandpa - also grandpa to Charles McClain's father
    • Lattie Cedonia Little Coonfield (177 KB)
      daughter of John Wright Little
    • Jesse Bozeman born 1793 was Attorney (1352 KB)
      When his brother Peter E. Bozeman died, Gilly asks him to be her lawful attorney regarding this estate in 1851. signed by John Stephens and Gilly's X mark.
    • Brandon (23 KB)
      S C Roster shows Brandon, under which many of our elders served
    • Benjamin Coonfield (53 KB)
      Husband of Lattie Little, father of Luella
    • 1838 Jesse Bozeman Attorney (173 KB)
      Dividing his father Peter Bozeman's land among the heirs named on this document which is signed by Judge Bibb.
    • McClaijn (21 KB)
      S C Roster shows several McClains, not our Charles
    • Bowsman Peter (22 KB)
      S C Roster shows grandpa Peter Bozeman
    • John Carter - married Elizabeth Wise (33 KB)
      1700s North Carolina Militia
    • John Wise - father of Elizabeth Wise Carter (38 KB)
      1700s South Carolina Militia - Elizabeth named her son John Wise Carter and he settled into Talladega Alabama about 1820- 1830 and married an unknown woman having a son named Thomas Randolph Carter.
    • Lattie Cedonia Little & Ben Coonfield (177 KB)
      Ben Coonfield family - Lattie told her children they were of Cherokee blood and some of another tribe
    • Benjamin Coonfield's parents (28 KB)
      Husband of Lattie Little, his parents were Martha Frances Young and Benjamin Wylie Coonfield of Indiana
    • Chester Coonfield (43 KB)
      Ben Coonfield 's son, brother of Lattie
    • John Wright Little photo (26 KB)
      father of Lattie
    • Bond (34 KB)
      1700s North Carolina Militia - Edgecombe County - our John Baptist Bond went to TN into the Brooks lineage
    • John Wright Little photo (67 KB)
      family in Arkansas
    • Ballard and Smith (35 KB)
      1700s North Carolina Militia - Granville County - our Ballard went to TN into the Brooks lineage
    • Amy Coonfield (38 KB)
      Ben Coonfield 's daughter - sister of Luella and Ruth
    • Grandpa Zachariah Fann (35 KB)
      1700s Georgia Rangers also includes John Hill
    • John Wright Little pension (403 KB)
      Civil War Service
    • 1885 (343 KB)
    • Holley (34 KB)
      1700s Granville North Carolina Muster Roll - to the Westbrook lineage of Alabama
    • John Little Pension (144 KB)
      Civil War, Kentucky Infantry
    • 1885 (299 KB)
    • Westbrook (34 KB)
      1700s Onslow North Carolina Muster Roll - to the Westbrook lineage of Alabama
    • John Wright Little family (39 KB)
      Civil War Service
    • Cooper and Lee (35 KB)
      1700s Edgecombe North Carolina Muster Roll - to the Susie Mae Cooper Brooks lineage of Alabama
    • Isaac Coonfield photo (22 KB)
      Louisville KY
    • Grandpa John Stephens (35 KB)
      1700s Edgecombe North Carolina Muster Roll
    • Dillard and Stone (33 KB)
      1700s Chatham North Carolina Muster Roll - There is a story online about the Dillards and Jordans being related to Pocahontas
    • Flowers and Stone (34 KB)
      1700s Edgecombe North Carolina Muster Roll
    • Deer and Clark (35 KB)
      1700s Granville North Carolina Militia
    • Charles Wayne Brooks 1953 - 1998 (63 KB)
      taken about 1975 at a friend's wedding reception - handsome son of Mary Ella Thornton and James Edgar Brooks Jr. Charlie had never gone to doctors until that Christmas Eve 1996 when he got sick with colon cancer.
    • Charles' Grandpa Carter (40 KB)
      Thomas Randolph Carter born 1820 with his firt wife Lacy Bozman lived in Hope Hull. He married secondly to Mary Josephine Hereferd of Virginia and they had Sarah Elizabeth Carter who married Levi Benjamin Cooper - Sarah's baby was named Susie Mae Cooper and she marrried James Edgar Brooks Sr. ( Thomas Carter's grandfather served in the American Revolution ) When Thomas died his wife Mary had him placed by his first family and then she went to live with her daughter. Thomas and Lacy have beautiful tall tombstone monuments in Hope Hull where he purchased land thru her father, Jesse Bozeman, from the William Henry Bozeman Estate.
    • 1885 (394 KB)
    • Charles' Grandpa Brooks (24 KB)
      John Brooks and Annie Clark Ballard of Tennessee had only one son James E Brooks Sr in Montgomery AL. James married Susie Mae Cooper and named their son James Jr. James Jr married Mary Ella Thornton and had Charles. ( The first John Brooks came from Holland and settled in PA with a french wife and had John in 1837 who was in Giles TN in 1860 marrying Roxanna Smith and having a son named John in TN )
    • 1885 (410 KB)
    • Grandpa John Wright Little (26 KB)
      Luella Coonfield Cochran's grandfather was born in Kentucky 1843 and claimed to be Cherokee. He moved to Arkansas after his wife Catherine Crigler died. John was the son of Catherine Wright and Hiram Lucius Little. Catherine Wright's mother was Catherine Weatherford, a daughter of Charles according to the Virginia records online. Family legend is that John's family refused a land allotment in Indian nation Oklahoma
    • Amy Coonfield Gray (32 KB)
      Joseph Gray
    • Indians at Fenn Plantation in Alabama (161 KB)
      cousin Matthew Fenn employed Indians on his farm and my grandpa William Fenn was the Manager according to the census records. They all descend from Travis Fenn and Elijah Fann but this area was indeed Creek Nation as the whites began to settle and plant, they all had to work together to survive.
    • Kathy's GG granny Mary Catherine Crigler (53 KB)
      Married John Wright Little in Shepherdsville Kentucky and had Lattie Cedonia Little who married Benjamin Wallace Coonfield. Lattie named her daughter Luella Ellen. Luella married Frank Delbert Cochran and had Frankie in 1927. Catherine wore her long black hair in braids. The Criglers were of German blood, read the Germanna Colony pages online and how they lived so close to the indians of that era.
    • Benjamin Wallace Coonfield and Lattie (14 KB)
      holding Luella
    • 1821 John Wise Carter (212 KB)
      3 land records exist in St Clair County
    • John Thomas Bozeman, son of Peter Edward (386 KB)
      Born 1866 in Dublin Alabama, married Alice Stephens and had Lorena Bozeman - John was the son of Nancy Jane Anderson and Peter Edward Bozeman. His grandparents were Martha Hill and William Henry Bozeman who migrated from Darlington South Carolina about 1826. The Andersons and Bozemans lived next to each other in Hope Hull 1830 with Peter Edward being born in 1834. After the Civil War Peter and Nancy bought land in Ramer/ Dublin area along the Meriweather Trail close to John Hill. John Hill donated land for their family cemetery which I visited, and he donated land for the Hills Chapel Church and another cemetery across from it where John T Bozeman is buried.
    • Marriage License (58 KB)
      Eureka Kansas
    • 1821 William Cochran Land Record (35 KB)
      only one in this township !!!
    • WWI Charles McClain (36 KB)
      his birth date is wrong, should be 1886 but it shows his wife as Lorena Bozeman. Charles was the son of Elizabeth Broadway and Josiah Marion McClain's who's families migrated from South Carolina into Georgia, then Alabama. Josiah descends from Elizabeth Moon and Charles McClain of 1750s Virginia. Elizabeth Moon had named a son Josiah and his son James had married an indian woman called Anna - Anna had a son named Josiah. I have seen three different dates of birth for grandpa Charlie but they had very little education, some could not read nor write at all, so the numbers are often mixed up.
    • Uncle John Coonfield (39 KB)
      brother of Ben - the Coonfields had very black hair with a blue shine to it
    • 1837 Grandpa Abner Broadway Land Record (58 KB)
    • Hood and Baxter (34 KB)
      1700s Anson North Carolina Militia
    • Document - Bozeman (26 KB)
      copied from book
    • Cochran siblings (26 KB)
      Frank Delbert Cochran's brothers and sisters.
    • 1834 Grandpa Elisha Anderson (207 KB)
      Land Record in Alabama
    • George Hill, Smith and Clark (35 KB)
      1700s North Carolina Militia
    • Document 2- Bozeman (1061 KB)
      copied from book
    • Freelon Cochran (400 KB)
      brother of my daddy, died in Korea - dad had told him to stay home
    • 1900 Grandpa John W Little (66 KB)
      Land Record
    • Abner Hill, Carter and McGeHee (34 KB)
      1700s North Carolina Militia
    • Lucius Powhatan Little (40 KB)
      cousin to John Wright Little - L P was an attorney, a judge, a writer and a genealogist. His daughter Laura Simmons Little tried to prove this line connected to a sister of Pocahontas, named Cleopatra. Laura also joined the Owensboro Chapter of the DAR.
    • 1823 Uncle John Bozeman (32 KB)
      Land Record - Peter's brother went to Mississippi
    • Contents page of book (21 KB)
      1700s Colonial Soldiers of the South
    • Aunt Eunice Cochran (26 KB)
      dad's sister had alzheimers
    • 1824 Lewis Bozeman (197 KB)
      Land Record
    • Abner Broadway (38 KB)
      1700s Colonial Soldiers of the South - May have married an indian woman before they began to migrate into Alabama.
    • Cook School (134 KB)
      1933 photo includes 7 Cochran children
    • John Stephens (34 KB)
      1700s Colonial Soldiers of the South - John married a full blood Cherokee and migrated into Alabama.
    • Luella Coonfield Cochran (116 KB)
      Death Certificate - the cancer was so bad that her husband had to okay they take her off the machines. Luella had many children, including two sets of twins
    • Benjamin Sellers - Wm B (35 KB)
      1700s Colonial Soldiers of the South
    • Preface (49 KB)
      1700s Colonial Soldiers of the South
    • Ward, Simmons, Jones (34 KB)
      1700s Colonial Soldiers of the South
    • Georgia Settlement (27 KB)
      1700s Colonial Soldiers of the South
    • Mordecai 1 (40 KB)
      Receipt of payment for service in the American Revolution - he is also listed online in the South Carolina Archives under the Roster of the Continental Army serving in the Militia.
    • Mordecai2 (52 KB)
    • Peter Bozeman captured in Am Rev (107 KB)
      1779 article from SC Archives - the surname spelling varies but these people could not read so it just didn't matter. Peter and his wife Sarah signed with only an X mark on various documents.
    • 1824 Lewis Bozeman (197 KB)
      Land Record
    • Grandma Lorena Bozeman McClain (11 KB)
      1941 she was mother of Alice McClain Carter and raised the children of Alice ( Cecil Jr, Anne Alice, William Lawrence) Lorena was wonderful to visit, churning butter, sewing quilts, gardening, and read her Bible daily, having a very special gift of healing.
    • LAND RECORD (59 KB)
      Grandpa Isaac Coonfield
    • Anne Carter and Frankie Cochran 1950 (44 KB)
      married in 1951, moved to Broken Arrow in Tulsa Oklahoma and then to Mesa Arizona, living next to his sister, Eunice Cochran Haraughty. Both had Cherokee heritage.
    • Brack Land Grant (151 KB)
      Eleazor and George Brack served in the Am Rev along with the Bozemans and Andersons and Sellers, all of whom eventually migrated from SC to AL - all being intermarried and becoming our grandfathers and grandmothers
    • LAND RECORD (86 KB)
      1837 Isaac Benjamin Coonfield
    • Uncle Billy Carter (25 KB)
      Anne's younger brother was killed in a car accident on hwy 231 - had married several, had no children. loved living in Oklahoma around the indians because he was indian and felt at home with them.
    • William Sellers Land Grant (445 KB)
      ended up in Alabama
    • LAND RECORD (57 KB)
      1859 Grandfather Isaac Coonfield in Arkansas
    • Frankie Cochran in 1949 (9 KB)
      left Chetopa Kansas and served in Korean War, was copilot of a bomber and was shot in the shoulder, sent to Maxwell AFB in Montgomery. While seeing the sights in downtown Montgomery he ran into Anne Carter, and he told her that night that she was the one he wanted to marry. She was about 17 and working at the old Kress store on Dexter Avenue, waiting for her bus to take her home.
    • John Bozeman (132 KB)
      1781 Loyalists
    • LAND RECORD (176 KB)
      1831 Grandfather John Hill
    • Confederate Pension Application (18 KB)
      Nancy Jane Anderson Bozeman filed for widows pension after Peter Edward died. He had served in the Shelby County Reserve
    • 1756 John Bozeman is 18 (101 KB)
      Colonial Soldiers of the South
    • LAND RECORD (35 KB)
      1832 Alexander Cochran, either the brother or the father of William, land purchase in the same township as William.
    • Harrell -Bryant - Gunter (33 KB)
      1700s Colonial Soldiers of the South
    • Uncle Walton McClain (18 KB)
      about 1936 holding Anne Carter. Walton was a very dark handsome man, well educated, and military all his life, now buried at Arlington Cemetery.
    • 1748 George Bozeman in Maryland (64 KB)
      Colonial Soldiers of the South
    • LAND RECORD (220 KB)
      1834 Uncle Meady Bozeman
    • George Bell - Henderson - Westbrooks (35 KB)
      1700s Colonial Soldiers of the South
    • Anne Carter in 1940 (37 KB)
      school days at Capitol Heights, they moved around, Maryland Avenue, and Yougene Streets, attending Highland Avenue Church of Christ but some old letters from the 1950s talk about church on Saturdays so they must have switched religions at some point.
    • John Hill in 1754 (64 KB)
      Lt in North Carolina - this could be the father of the many Hills who moved into Montgomery Alabama along with the Bozemans in 1826
    • LAND RECORD (61 KB)
      1837 Uncle Peter Bozeman
    • Parker - Carter - Vann - Rogers (33 KB)
      1700s Colonial Soldiers of the South
    • John in Mississippi 1830 (43 KB)
      Rev War Soldier could be the brother of Peter or the son of Mordecai - Mordecai's lineage had not been researched until this decade. I see that his son James remained in Darlington SC but John did not and Peter did not. John and Peter may have married indian women and migrated into Alabama and John moved on into Mississippi which was at that time Choctaw Nation. John and Peter both had difficulty after their migration proving that they had served in the American Revolution even though it is recorded where they got paid in 1785.
    • LAND RECORD (34 KB)
      1834 Uncle John Coonfield
    • Benjamin Dotey (33 KB)
      1700s Colonial Soldiers of the South - they all trace back to the Mayflower's Edward Doty and the first Thanksgiving of the Pilgrims.
    • Continental Paper Money (121 KB)
      6 dollar bill
    • LAND RECORD (83 KB)
      1920 Grandpa Joseph C Stephens
    • Bond (20 KB)
      S C Roster shows Charles Brooks grandpa John Bond
    • Smith (24 KB)
      S C Roster shows Charles Brooks grandpa Henry Smith
    • 1885 (277 KB)
    • Civil War (74 KB)
      Those who served
    • Peter Bozeman (36 KB)
      Peter had married the widow Sarah Brown and became father of Meade, William Henry, Jesse M. Peter E, and Lucy - maybe Lucy was named after one of their mothers?? Sarah's maiden name is unknown, but perhaps it was Meade. Sarah had two daughters whom Peter would have adopted and raised as his own. Maybe those two girls married and followed them to Montgomery Alabama.
    • Peter Bozeman's possible ancestors (42 KB)
      Bozeman Relations
    • 1709 Samuel Bozeman (5 KB)
      shown as a witness
    • Bozeman and Browning in Seminole Lands (5 KB)
      Tracing the Browning family in Georgia Seminole Lands
    • 1747 Henry Bozeman (6 KB)
      Virginia Militia
    • Mary Bozeman Slater (6 KB)
      Chickasaw Tribe
    • 1734 Thomas Bosman (4 KB)
      Virginia Wills
    • Captain Bozeman (10 KB)
      Nottaway Tribe - Indian Chief grandson
    • 1792 Joseph Bozman (5 KB)
    • Early Bozemans (7 KB)
    • 1792 Peter Bozeman (7 KB)
      Settlement of Revolutionary War claims Previously Barred by Established Limitations - they had set deadlines for filing !
    • Bozeman in Blount County Alabama (8 KB)
      1836 removal of indians
    • My Montgomery Kin (16 KB)
      Those who settled in the capitol city.
    • Bozeman (4 KB)
      1600 Virginia
    • Coonfield Indian Blood (85 KB)
      Other researchers of the family - Long before I began studying my family tree, there was talk of indian blood in this line. But even now my 92 year old aunt tells me that her mother Luella Coonfield was part indian.
    • Bozeman (4 KB)
      Indian Claims
    • Bozeman (8 KB)
      1774 James and Martha in Georgia
    • Bozeman (8 KB)
      Talley applications to Cherokee Nation
    • Bozeman (7 KB)
      Land grants for "importing" others to America
    • Charles McClain married Lorena Bozeman (61 KB)
      1920 WWI - son of Elizabeth Broadway and Josiah Marion McClain.
    • Charles McClain married Lorena Bozeman (6 KB)
      1910 They lived with his mother and her second husband John Gardner.
    • Civil War - Bozeman (16 KB)
      Peter Edward Bozeman married Nancy Jane Anderson
    • Civil War - Seaborne Anderson (16 KB)
      Nancy Jane's father served along with his brothers and father - some of this family died in the War - Seaborne was the great grandfather to Lorena Bozeman McClain - Seaborne's great grandfathers served in the American Revolution.
    • Bozeman (8 KB)
      Samuel and Luke in 1730
    • Civil War - Josiah Marion McClain (70 KB)
      Lorena Bozeman McClain's father in law was married to Elizabeth Broadway - He had deserted his first wife Julia King in Georgia and joined the Civil War in Alabama. He was wounded. He married or lived with Elizabeth having two girls around 1870 who died but had Charles Allen McClain in 1886 . Josiah died soon after. Josiah's mother was known as Anna and his father was James McClain who might have also served in the Civil War. It is believed that Josiah's mother was native american - Charlie McClain was a very dark tiny man and very spiritual and faithful.
    • Caleb Bozeman (7 KB)
    • Civil War - Thomas Randolph Carter (9 KB)
      son of John Wise Carter and "Elizabeth", Thomas married Lacy Jane Bozeman first and Mary Josephine Hereferd second. Mary had a daughter named Sarah Elizabeth Carter who married Levi Benjamin Cooper. Grandfathers of Thomas served in the American Revolution.
    • Bozeman 1600 (18 KB)
    • Links (53 KB)
      A Few documents
    • Bozeman 1700 (9 KB)
      Edgecombe County NC
    • Notes (1005 KB)
      Everything I read and research is saved on a webpage for future reference.
    • Bozeman 1700 - Micajah (11 KB)
      Northampton County NC
    • Files (4 KB)
      Research on John Brooks of Holland, his son's marriage to Roxanna P Smith of Tennessee, her son's move to Alabama and descendants in Montgomery
    • Bozeman - Michael (10 KB)
      Lowndes County Alabama and into Arkansas
    • Kentucky to Arkansss to Alabama (136 KB)
      Frank Cochran and Luella Coonfield's lineage to the Brooks.
    • Bozeman - Michael (13 KB)
      Lowndes County Alabama and into Arkansas
    • Bozeman - 1700 (15 KB)
      Timeline continued
    • Bozeman - 1700 (10 KB)
      David J. was son of Luke
    • My Webpages (2 KB)
      Links to much of my research - I save everything, scan every document or photo, and someday I just might get it organized and alphabetized
    • Grandpa Abner Broadway (123 KB)
      father of Elizabeth B McClain - he had married Mary Stephens. Abner was born in Montgomery and his parents had come from South Carolina, another Abner Broadway and "Nancy unknown"
    • Grandpa Elijah Lee and Andrew Cooper (101 KB)
      Chambers County census shows how close they lived together. Charner Cooper married Sarah Lee and had Levi Benjamin Cooper. Levi married Sarah Carter and had a daughter Susie Mae Cooper Brooks.
    • Grandpa Cochran (3 KB)
      Family Group Sheet
    • Ancestors (163 KB)
      The many ancestors of the Brooks children.
    • Grandpa Anderson married Lavinia Brack (91 KB)
      from the Carolinas to Montgomery Alabama - Soldiers of the American Revolution, received Land Grants and migrated into Georgia, then to Montgomery County Alabama.
    • McClain, Josiah Marion - Civil War Record (3 KB)
      My great great grandfather married Elizabeth Broadway and had Charles Allen McClain
    • Grandpa Brooks and Bond (27 KB)
      from the Carolinas to Tennessee to Texas and then Alabama
    • Surnames (37 KB)
      Baxley, Cochran, Crigler, Fenn, Little, Miller, so many names in my family tree.
    • 1840 census Montgomery AL (32 KB)
      only half of my transcription, more to come on page 2 - the pages are quite difficult to read
    • Notes and Research (1052 KB)
      A big thank you to my many internet found cousins who have shared their lineage and pictures with me to help verify the journeys of our ancestors.
    • Mordecai Bozeman (3 KB)
      Account being audited for claims of Am Rev War
    • Baxley (19 KB)
      From Joseph to James to Ella Olivia
    • Mordecai Bozeman and sons (6 KB)
      Account being audited for claims of Am Rev War
    • Many Names in my family (161 KB)
      My Family Jewels
    • Captain George Little (28 KB)
      to Jonas to Hiram to John to Lattie to Luella
    • Kentucky Census (63 KB)
      Following my Littles into Kentucky 1800
    • Census (53 KB)
      Following the Littles out of Kentucky
    • Alabama Relatives (3 KB)
      Tracing my roots in Alabama
    • Mordecai's son Peter Bozeman in SC (11 KB)
      Ralph and Peter received Land Grants - they might have received several acres each time they re-enlisted - Ralph even got a land grant in Georgia
    • Mordecai Bozeman's son Peter in SC (11 KB)
      Peter and Ralph received Land Grants
    • Ancestral Index (887 KB)
      Many Names and photos
    • Families Settled in Montgomery AL (1 KB)
      Several names listed - this was the capitol city - with land rich for farming, slaves and indians willing to work the crops, and the Alabama River used for travel. The railroad also came through Ramer and into Montgomery - the Union Station sits along the banks of the Alabama River in downtown Montgomery where historical signs indicate this was once a large indian village. Even the parents of Chief Red Eagle ( Sehoy and Charles Weatherford) lived along the Alabama River.
    • Brooks in Montgomery (1 KB)
      Descending from John Brookes of Holland who settled in Pennsylvania, then his son went to Tennessee by 1860 where he married R P Smith
    • Carolina 1700s (19 KB)
      We were both Quakers and Loyalists
    • Brooks in Montgomery (3 KB)
      Ancestors of Kathy and Charles
    • Mordecai - White - Meade (12 KB)
      Interesting notes on these families in 1700
    • Documents (47 KB)
      Marriage Licenses, Death Certicates, Articles of Interest
    • Indians in Virginia (10 KB)
      Wm G Bozeman
    • Grandpa John Stephens -Am Rev War Soldier (16 KB)
      from Florida to the Carolinas, he fought for Independence, married a full blood indian and migrated to Alabama
    • Bozeman - Shawnee Tribe (4 KB)
      Reid married Bozeman
    • Grandpa Cecil Carter's ancestors (36 KB)
      Fenn of Virginia and Stone of Maryland, all migrating south through the Carolinas during the War and into Georgia's Land Lottery and then to Montgomery Alabama where the land was two dollars an acre. The Fenns were Indian Traders in very early Georgia, 1700s, and their wives were likely native americans.
    • Cherokee Bozeman (3 KB)
      John married a Cherokee in SC and moved to MS
    • DAR Jesse Bozeman (10 KB)
      Unknown connection but our Peter named a son Jesse so this could be a brother to our Peter in Darlington - there was a Jesse living two doors away from Peter in 1800 Darlington census. Peter's son was named Jesse M Bozeman and I can only suppose that M was for Mordecai and then can suppose it is possible that was also Peter's father's go back to the Jesse who served in the American Revolution and wonder if his middle initial was also M - could he have really been Peter's father living so close to him in 1800.............we may never know.
    • Bozeman in Choctaw Nation (4 KB)
      James Boozman and Percila White - this name White takes me back to the mother of Mordecai, thinking what if she were also indian....we will never know.
    • Luke Bozeman married an indian (5 KB)
      Ward - Bozeman
    • Indian Town Creek 1700 (6 KB)
      Samuel Bozeman, White, Parker
    • Louis Bousman (3 KB)
      Indian Territory and Billy The Kid.
    • John and the Indian Wife (5 KB)
      John Bozeman and Elizabeth in MS
    Tracking Our Roots
  • My Webpages

    Brooks lineage of Pennsylvania into Tennessee, Texas and Alabama include Ballard, Bond, Baxter, Carter, Stone, Stephens, Cooper, Hood, McClain, Thornton, Partridge, Holly, Westbrook - The Cochran Clan of Pennsylvania migrated to Ohio and Iowa, ending up in Arkansas with the Little and Coonfield families who had migrated from Kentucky.

    use the Search Box to read about any of them.
    Most of our Elders had Alabama Roots. Alabama Genealogy

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    • Cochran Genealogy
    • Carter Genealogy
    • Anderson Genealogy

    • Seaborn Montgomery Anderson was father of Nancy Jane Anderson Bozeman who was the grandmother of Lorena and took them in for several months after Lorena's mother (Alice Lorena Stephens Bozeman)  died.

      10 train



      Researching many names in my family tree and posting them on Rootsweb Family Trees to share as well as posting on and on and providing a major focus on Alabama Genealogy and my father's lineage in Kansas.

      My parents were Annie Carter and Frankie Cochran and there are many names in their ancestry.  I am also researching the ancestors of my husband, Charles Brooks. and saving it all on various webpages. and creating my own internet family webring and searchbox so that any of our relatives can be looked up.  There are many free webspace providers online, like  therefore I have many links to peruse.

      Along with collecting family stories and documents,  I am also researching the military records, finding several who served in the Civil War.

      My own transcription of 1840 Montgomery

      Captain George Little and Isaac Coonfield were grandfathers of the Cochrans who had migrated into Kentucky about 1800, but this line also intermarried with the Criglers, Douglass, Handley, Roby, Simmons, Wright, Weatherford, Swearengin, Wells, Clark, Young, Henderson, Sturgeon, Miller, Crawford, Parker, Tefft, White, Sweet, names.

      Annie Carter's line includes Fann, Stone, Anderson, Brack, Doty, Stephens, Bozeman, Moon, McClain,Harrell, Sellers, Fenn, Wood, Broadway, Hill, most of whom began in Virginia and migrated south.

      The Brooks line includes, Thornton, Hood, Cooper, Baxley, Partridge, Lee, Culpepper, Blackstone, Ballard, Smith, Bond, Craig, Pennington, Baxter, mainly from Georgia and Tennessee.

      Brooks Family and the Family Tree Maker pages 1 and 2 contain many documents. The book Sketches of Bozeman I have scanned and posted

      My collection of tombstones at Find A

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