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In 1796 Peter Bozeman acquired the estate of a Zebulan Chance. Reads like it is for a debt owed. It was for 200 acres.
In 1809 a Jesse Bozeman buys 200 acres of land from Jonathan Wright. Now if the tombstone in Montgomery belongs to Peters son Jesse than this cannot be him because he (Peters son) was born in 1793 and would have only been 17 at the time.
In 1812 Peter sells some land to Thomas Mason.
In 1816 Peter buys land from Mary Rowell (maybe Powell).
In 1818 Peter sells land to James Erwin.
In 1820 Peter sells land to Williams Side (Lide).
In 1822 Peter sells 200 acres to a Jesse Bozeman.
In 1823 Peter wills land to Medys children Peter, Jesse and Julian Vinson.
In 1826 I had a survey map of 231 acres belonging to Peter.
Now on the Index reel under the name Bozeman it shows an 1826 Land Division Plat record and the names associated with it are James, Peter, John and Jesse.
We also know that they were all still in SC in 1826. Could not find any records of deeds for selling off all their land.  From what I can tell Peter died in 1828
Peter's estate sale was in 1829 though and his land divided in 1838.
Peter wrote letters from Montgomery in 1828 to the War Department about being an Invalid and asking about his pension.
Need to see if there are any documents found on this family between 1829 and 1838 in Montgomery, Alabama.