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My 1840 Montgomery census
Grandpa Bozeman (
Mordecai and his sons are mentioned on pages 128-130 in the Sketches of Bozeman published in 1885..........the DAR has finally acknowledged Peter Bozeman as a soldier in the American Revolution effective January 2008.........finally!!!
Mordecai and his sons, Peter and John served in the American Revolution while his son James was too young.  Peter moved to Alabama about 1826-1827, John moved to Mississippi in 1823, and James remained in Darlington SC.  The South Carolina Archives show that Peter's land was surveyed in 1826.
Estate Sale of Peter in Alabama 1829
Peter wrote letters asking about his land benefits so apparently he received a land grant in Alabama,  because his son Jesse handled the division of the Estate after Sarah died.  One of Peter's letters filed at the Probate Office included the signature of E. Stephens.
1838 Jesse wants Peter's land divided among the heirs names on this document, Henry, Peter, Jesse, Lucy, and the late Meady's son Peter,( this Peter became Captain Peter Bozeman of the Mississippi Calvary)
Orphans Court names Peter, John T., Meda, Martha BOZEMAN/WilliamHenryEstate/00
T R Carter/~BOZEMAN/WilliamHenryEstate/00
Jesse Names Heirs of /BOZEMAN/WilliamHenryEstate/
John P Stacie is involved with this family, married to a Sarah Bozeman in 1860
Jesse b 1793 and Lucy had a daughter named Sarah Bozeman who married John Stacie in 1860 and Jesse is listed as Jesse M. Bozeman on the census records - his son is listed as Jesse A. Bozeman.  Jesse A. Bozeman handled his father's estate.
Jesse A. Bozeman married Missouri Flinn.  I have no idea what Lucy's maiden name was but would think that the A may represent her family name as was the custom of that era, and I strongly suspect she was one of the Anderson families who also migrated to the area and lived so very close to the Bozeman Clan........
Jesse M. Bozeman had married twice - secondly to a widowed Francis Freeman and took in her children.  Buried near them was their son James Freeman Bozeman who died in the Civil War.

Vincent Joiner married one of Peter's daughters named Ellen, and his other unnamed daughter was likely married to one of the men attending Peter's estate sale in 1829, however she is never named as an Heir so there is a better chance that she also died in Darlington around 1820.  Peter and Sarah's son Meade and wife died in Darlington about 1821 because Peter deeded their children, Peter and J., a tract of land in 1822.....Those children were raised by Ellen and Vincent Joiner and one of those children was Captain Peter H. Bozeman of the Mississippi Calvary.

Sarah Brown's mother was possibly a Meade before she married as Sarah's first born son is named Meade, then Jesse, William, Peter and Lucy.  Lucy Bozeman married a Campbell and there are several Campbells involved in this lineage.   William's daughter even married a Campbell.  One Campbell married Mathew Stokes and a Stokes witnessed Nancy K. Hill Bozeman's application for John's Civil War pension.
Stokes was also one of the owners of that land we visited in Hope Hull so he had to be family........Campbell children were listed at school with Nancy and Peter Bozemans grandchildren in 1900 and were probably all cousins.
Peter's son, William Henry Bozeman b 1802 had married a Martha Hill and we see a Laney Hill attending Peter's Estate Sale in 1829. Laney also came from Darlington as did so many of these families.

William Henry Bozeman born 1802 is the most common ancestor of the Montgomery area Bozeman families.

William's son John Thomas Bozeman married a Nancy Hill who was most likely the daughter of John Hill of Darlington SC.   William's son Peter Edward was buried on the property of John Hill behind Hill's Chapel. 

John Hill witnessed Nancy Jane Anderson Bozeman's application for Peter Edward Bozeman's Civil War pension.   Then we find a Jack Stacie married to a Mary Hill with John and Nancy Hill Bozeman residing in their home.
William Henry and Martha Hill Bozeman had a son named Meedy who married a widowed Rebecca Brewer and she had two children.  Meedy and Rebecca named a son John Thomas in 1866 and he married Sarah Ann Edwards.  Sarah Ann had a son named D. Leon Bozeman in 1898 and several other children including a son named Jesse Graves Bozeman.  Governor Graves was a pall bearer at John's funeral.  John and Sarah operated a little country store in Hope Hull just off the I-65 exit - actually it was demolished about 1970 when the interstate was being constructed.  The store was called McGeHee Switch.
Montgomery has a little bit of history written about the McGeHee plantation of Hope Hull and yet nothing about the Bozemans other than an article about Bunberry Flinn's daughter marrying Jesse A. Bozeman, which is really sad, since the Bozeman descendants have become very successful in the county, and may be distantly connected to the famous Dr. Nathan Bozeman whose portrait hangs in the Alabama Archives Building.
William Henry had another son, John Thomas Bozeman who married Nancy Kizer/Kiser  Hill and her mother was found on the census as Charlottie.  One of Nancy's sons was named William Thomas Bozeman and he married Rebecca Scott of Shelby County, having a son named Charles Eugene Bozeman. Civil War Notes
Colonial records of Hill, Bozeman, Anderson, Stephens, Broadway, Carter, Sellers, Brack, McClain, Fenn, Stone, Lee, Cooper, Stokes, Flinn, McGeHee, many South Carolina residents who migrated about the same time to Montgomery Alabama soon after serving in the American Revolution.  John Hill and Peter Bozeman were both in Darlington 1790 - 1820 census with their families.  Carter was in Edgefield, McClain in Spartanburg, these families were never too far apart.
Daughters of Alice Stephens and John T Bozeman of Dublin were Lorena McClain and Ethel Gibson.
The girls Ethel and Lorena married "cousins" of the Broadway family.  Ethel married Jace Gibson and his mother was Rebecca Broadway.  Lorena married Charles McClain and his mother was Elizabeth Broadway.  The mother of the Broadway girls was a Stephens and there were several Stephens' farms in the Ramer/ Dublin area.

Jesse born 1793 tombstone
Nancy Jane Anderson Bozeman's grandfathers

Son of Peter Edward and Nancy Jane was Peter James who died of suicide.
at Hills Chapel we met Dora's granddaughter, Dora who is now 85.
John is buried close to Peter James but John is buried by his 4th wife Ellen Bean who told her children that she was related to the famous hanging Judge Roy Bean.
Another son of Peter Edward and Nancy was Robert Henry Bozeman who married Corrie Huffman, a successful contractor with land located between Hope Hull and Maxwell AFB, he donated some land to become the Memorial Cemetery yet he is buried by his mother and his brother Meady in Greenwood Cemetery in Montgomery - his brother Meady had married Leila Campbell.  They also had a brother named Millard Milton who married a Nettie Barrow and named a son Clyde......go figure.......Another son of Peter Edward was named George and one can only speculate where the name came from - possibly the elder George Hill was an uncle and he owned a large plantation, as did John Hill.

My Survey of Dublin cemetery and then Memorial Cemetery in Montgomery off Bozeman Drive - the land around Memorial was part of Robert Henry Bozeman's farm and when each of his daughters married they received a piece of land with a street named after them.   I found a few Bozeman graves in Ramer also.


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