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While Mordecai and Peter Bozeman were born in the early 1700s Bladen County NC, fought in the War and received Land Grants in Darlington SC,  George Little and his brothers came from Scotland and settled in Union County SC.  The Scottish Cochrans were in Pennsylvania 1700s and so were the Coonfields.  Alexander Cochran's descendants went to Ohio with their military Land Grants,  George Little went to Kentucky, Bozemans went to Alabama, and Isaac Coonfield was in Henry County Kentucky 1800 tax list.
The Alabama migrations from the Carolinas included John Stephens, Eleazor Brack descendants, Elisha Anderson, Wm Calvin Sellers, Abner Broadway, Elijah Lee, John Fenn, Michael Stone,  George Thornton, Andrew Cooper, John Wise Carter, and many more.
John Brooks born 1837 Pennsylvania went to Tennessee and married into a vast lineage of Virginia and North Carolina migrants like Henry Smith, John Baptist Bond, Larkin Ballard, Dickens, Pennington, Craig, Connelly, Stone.
George Grauer came from Germany to Marengo County Alabama and met up with many Carolina migrants like Moses Westbrook, Wm Braswell, Glass, Cader Holt, Etheridge, and eventually, Holley, and Penton.
George Thornton and Mary Angeline Partridge settled in Elmore County amongst J. Holt, A. Hood, Evans,and James Baxley.
Cochran, Coonfield and Little migrated in Arkansas and Kansas about 1880-1900.
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